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General Library
The General Library accepts all styles and skill levels, as long as the stories are submitted correctly and are legible.

An asterisk (*) denotes a completed story.

Preview Summaries?


* Frustrations Acc2787 NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
Laws of the Wolf Acc2787 NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
Sol Salvation Adrian Tyndall PG13 Sailormoon
* Embracing Darkness Aeryn NC17 Harry Potter
Lie in the Bed I Make aishuu PG Harry Potter
* Diagnosis, Dr. Chiba? Ala Verity PG Sailormoon
For the Love of Venus alizeP NC17 Sailormoon
* Dancing With Darkness alizeP R Sailormoon
* Kissing Strangers alizeP PG13 Sailormoon
* Silver Millennium Vigenettes alizeP R Sailormoon
Unreliable Witness alizeP PG13 Sailormoon
A Hard Love AmawaHibiki18 PG13 Vision of Escaflowne
The Red Wall amy PG Harry Potter
Stolen Girl AnGeLkIsSeS03 R Sailormoon
* On Instinct Alone AngelMoon Girl PG Bones
* The Serenity in the Shatters AngelMoon Girl PG Bones
* The Deviation in the Delivery AngelMoon Girl PG13 Bones
* Special AngelMoon Girl G Bones
* Wolf in Friend’s Clothing AngelMoon Girl PG Harry Potter
* Forgive an Old Man AngelMoon Girl G Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Power of Agape AngelMoon Girl PG13 Harry Potter
* Merlin’s Staff! AngelMoon Girl PG Harry Potter
* Forbidden, Fleeting, Festering AngelMoon Girl NC17 NCIS
* Rule Breaker AngelMoon Girl G NCIS
* Stop Running AngelMoon Girl PG NCIS
* Undone AngelMoon Girl PG13 NCIS
* Like Breathing AngelMoon Girl PG NCIS
* I Promise AngelMoon Girl G Other Fandom
* Love Breeds Insanity AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
* The First Night AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
* War Games AngelMoon Girl G Sailormoon
* One Dark and Perverted Night AngelMoon Girl NC17 Sailormoon
Snapshots of the Royals AngelMoon Girl PG13 Sailormoon
* Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
* Friday the Thirteenth AngelMoon Girl R Sailormoon
Contest Winner * Hallows of a Past Life AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
* No Light Promise AngelMoon Girl G Sailormoon
* A Serious Case of the Snickers AngelMoon Girl R Sailormoon
* My Greatest Fear AngelMoon Girl G Sailormoon
Twenty Kisses AngelMoon Girl PG13 Sailormoon
* Merry Christmas, Small Lady AngelMoon Girl G Sailormoon
Contest Winner * Untouchable AngelMoon Girl PG13 Sailormoon
* Serenity for the Mother’s Aching Heart AngelMoon Girl G Sailormoon
Anomaly AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
Saving Bonds of Love AngelMoon Girl R Sailormoon
Quirk of Fate AngelMoon Girl PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Winner * The Flower Vow AngelMoon Girl PG Sailormoon
Love Hurts AngelMoon Girl R Sailormoon
Silver Millenium: The Legend AnnLovedrew PG13 Sailormoon
Blood and Moonlight AnnLovedrew R Sailormoon
Prince in White - A Mamoru Story Aph G Sailormoon
* In Vino Veritas Araya PG13 Sailormoon
* Like Red on a Rose Araya PG13 Sailormoon
* Invincible Araya PG Sailormoon
* Tempting Fate Araya PG Sailormoon
* Fallen Star Araya PG Sailormoon
* Left in Silence Araya G Sailormoon
* She Only Smokes When She Drinks Araya PG13 Sailormoon
* The Perils of Being Tuxedo Kamen Ashaela G Sailormoon
* The Sacrifice Ashaela G Sailormoon
Contest Winner * A Greater Love Ashaela PG Sailormoon
Caught Halfway Ashlucard713 R Trigun
* Origin of Satisfaction atorasu NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s
* Loved Skin atorasu NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

* Touching Sky Baine G Ginban Kaleidoscope
And the World Fell Down Baine PG13 Ginban Kaleidoscope
Winter’s Solstice Baine PG13 Ginban Kaleidoscope
Decisions of the Heart Baine PG Peach Girl
* Nanosecond Baine PG Sailormoon
* Immortal Baine PG Sailormoon
* Perfect Baine PG13 Sailormoon
The Temptress Baine R Sailormoon
* Decimation Baine PG Sailormoon
* Red Bride Baine PG13 Sailormoon
* Little Boy Lost Baine PG Sailormoon
* Masquerade Baine PG Sailormoon
As We Stumble Along Baine PG13 Sailormoon
Beauty in the Breakdown Baine PG13 Sailormoon
* Torture Chamber Baine PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry A Hazard to Myself Baine PG13 Sailormoon
* Shades of Love Baine PG Sailormoon
* Evening Primrose Baine PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Unwelcome Dream Bella*Luna PG Harry Potter
Contest Entry * Lucky Star Bella*Luna PG Instant Star
Contest Entry * Context is Everything Bella*Luna PG Instant Star
* Circle of Terror Bella*Luna PG13 Original Fiction
* Bloody Mary Bella*Luna R Original Fiction
* To Mend and Defend Bella*Luna G ReBoot
* Broken Hope Bella*Luna PG13 Sailormoon
Welcome to Wonderland Bella*Luna PG Sailormoon
* Goodbye to You Bella*Luna PG Sailormoon
Contest Entry * The Question of a Dream Bella*Luna G Sailormoon
* Black Diamond Bella*Luna R Sailormoon
* Ominous Beauty Bella*Luna G Sailormoon
* 2 a.m. Bella*Luna PG Sailormoon
* Anniversary blue PG13 Naruto
* And She Smiles blue R Naruto
* Forgive me of my sins blue R Rurouni Kenshin
* The Dream of Unreflected Sufferings blue PG13 Sailormoon
* The Bitter Brew blue PG13 Sailormoon
* An ocean of ashes blue PG Sailormoon
* A Villain's Night Out blue PG Sailormoon
* Wrapped Around blue R Sailormoon
* Love-Love Rival?! blue PG13 Sailormoon
* The Secret of the Magical Disguise Power! blue PG Sailormoon
* Things That Change blue PG13 Sailormoon
* Little Girls, Lost blue PG13 Sailormoon
* The Promises We Do Not Speak Of blue PG13 Sailormoon
* From predators to prey blue PG13 Sailormoon
* Portrait of an Old Man blue G Sailormoon
* Wisp blue PG Sailormoon
* Wishes blue PG13 Sailormoon
* Consuming Me blue PG13 Sailormoon
* A Nightly Companion blue PG Sailormoon
* Kasra Kadri blue PG13 Sailormoon
* The Gladiator and the Spy blue PG13 Sailormoon
* November Third blue PG Sailormoon
* Eien no Melody blue PG Sailormoon
the feel of her name blue PG13 Sailormoon
* Visit blue PG Sailormoon
* Waiting for a Well to Dry bubblygoo PG Detective Conan
* Dialogue of the Gods bubblygoo PG Naruto
Classified Chop Suey bubblygoo PG13 Yu Yu Hakusho
* It Was Me Bunny PG13 Prince of Tennis
* The Graduation Caper Bunny PG13 Prince of Tennis
* Life is but a Dream... Bunny PG Sailormoon

* To Become a Lady Catalinabella PG Sailormoon
Cinderella Style cdgal PG13 Sailormoon
Tsuki no Bara CearaIvory PG13 Crossover
Sailor Moon Zodiac CearaIvory PG13 Crossover
With Friends Like These CearaIvory PG13 Sailormoon
Bye, Bye Love CearaIvory PG13 Sailormoon
* Unrequited chenoadawn G Harry Potter
* There's No Business, Like Showbusiness chenoadawn G Sailormoon
A New Day chenoadawn PG13 Sailormoon
* Revelations Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Unfairness Cheshlin R Harry Potter
* Of Proposals Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* A Cat’s Life Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Behind the Door Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Gemini Swapped Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Transfiguring Viewpoints Cheshlin G Harry Potter
Life Moves On Cheshlin G Harry Potter
Switched Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Lost and Alone Cheshlin G Harry Potter
* Lost Identity Cheshlin R Harry Potter
* Will Chi no Kaori PG Rurouni Kenshin
* There Is No Passion... Chi no Kaori PG13 Star Wars
* Princess of the Moon Chmia PG Sailormoon
Alternate Millennium Chmia PG13 Sailormoon
* Transformation Chmia G Sailormoon
* Sailor Venus versus Mr. Stinky-Cat Chmia G Sailormoon
* Memories of the Past Chmia PG Sailormoon
* The Dividing Line Between Love and Obsession Chmia G Sailormoon
* The Mouse Chmia G Sailormoon
Crystal Princess: The Saga of The Crystal Sailors CKNight09 PG13 Sailormoon
Egg Belly cloverfield NC17 Mahou Sensei Negima!
* Five Ways the Silver Millennium Never Ended Contrail PG13 Sailormoon
* Duty Over Love Contrail PG13 Sailormoon
Fractured Loyalties Contrail PG13 Sailormoon
* What Might Have Been Covenmouse G Avatar: The Last Airbender
Work in Progress Covenmouse PG13 Gundam Wing
* 99 Love Balloons Covenmouse G Gundam Wing
* When a Maxwell Goes Missing Covenmouse G Gundam Wing
* Hungry Like the Wolf Covenmouse NC17 Gundam Wing
* A Beautiful Dream Covenmouse G Gundam Wing
* Relief Covenmouse PG Harry Potter
Silver Moon Millennium: May I Never Covenmouse R Sailormoon
* As the World Falls Down Covenmouse PG13 Sailormoon
* This Sweet Madness Covenmouse R Sailormoon
* Watermelon Crawl Covenmouse PG Sailormoon
Adventures in Tokyo-Land Covenmouse PG Sailormoon
* Viva La Vida Covenmouse PG13 Sailormoon
* Us and Them Covenmouse PG13 Sailormoon
Finding Love CrescentMoonGoddess R Sailormoon
* Runaway Bride CrescentMoonGoddess R Sailormoon
The Greatest Generation CSailorV17 R Sailormoon
* Love Moves the Pain cwiddy PG13 Harry Potter
* Returning Home cwiddy G Harry Potter
* December Promise cwiddy G Harry Potter
* The First Kiss cwiddy G Harry Potter
* The Wedding Surprise cwiddy G Harry Potter
* As One Door Closes... cwiddy G Harry Potter
* From the Grave cwiddy PG Harry Potter
* Beginning of the Darkness cwiddy PG Harry Potter
* A Granddaughter’s Vow cwiddy PG13 Harry Potter
* Day of Trials cwiddy G Harry Potter
* A Mother’s Heart cwiddy PG Harry Potter
* Legends and Prophesy cwiddy G Harry Potter
* Merlin’s Dream cwiddy G Harry Potter
* Time for Forgiveness cwiddy G Harry Potter
* Pensieve of Time cwiddy G Harry Potter
* The Longing Heart cwiddy G Harry Potter
* The Secret Weapon cwiddy PG13 Harry Potter
* Search For Truth cwiddy PG13 Harry Potter
* The Hufflepuff Rescue cwiddy PG Harry Potter
* By Dawn’s Early Light cwiddy PG Harry Potter
* White Rose Cyrus G Rurouni Kenshin

Order in the Court DaBlackRose PG13 Sailormoon
* Presumption DaBlackRose PG Sailormoon
* Sexy is Back DaBlackRose PG13 Sailormoon
* Wenching 101 DaBlackRose PG13 Sailormoon
* The Hardest Part DaBlackRose PG13 Sailormoon
The Angel that brought Hope DarkAngel PG Original Fiction
Contest Winner * Failing the Rorschach Test Dave Ziegler PG13 Doctor Who
* The Pitcher Plant Dave Ziegler PG13 Original Fiction
* Wake Me Up Inside Dave Ziegler PG13 Original Fiction
* The Dark Sacred Night Dave Ziegler PG13 Sailormoon
* Sagacity Dave Ziegler PG13 Sailormoon
* The Translucent Corridor Dave Ziegler PG Sailormoon
* All I Want For Christmas Dave Ziegler PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Unsaid Dave Ziegler PG13 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
* The Birthday Wish Dave Ziegler PG13 Vision of Escaflowne
Contest Entry Buttons and Bows December PG13 Animaniacs
Contest Entry Beyond Fiction December PG13 Batman Beyond
* When the Knight is Done December PG Batman Beyond
A Month as a Time Walker December PG Crossover
Beyond the Drama December PG13 Crossover
Contest Entry Death, Life, and Other Things We Ignore December PG Here is Greenwood
* Stand-Up Truth December PG13 Life With Derek
Hated For Loving December PG13 Original Fiction
* This Time December PG13 Original Fiction
Seats at a Funeral December PG Original Fiction
Royal Blue December PG13 Sailormoon
Ties December PG Sailormoon
This Side of Living December PG13 Yu Yu Hakusho
* Troubled Hearts Dejana Talis PG Chronicles of Narnia
* The Waiting Game Dejana Talis G Cloverfield
* Green Bird Eulogy Dejana Talis PG13 Cowboy Bebop
* A Tale of Two Suitors Dejana Talis PG Futurama
* The Last Birthday Dejana Talis G Harry Potter
* An Honest Proposal Dejana Talis G Harry Potter
* Bittersweet Surrender Dejana Talis PG13 Sailormoon
* Against All Odds Dejana Talis PG13 Sailormoon
* Forgotten Friends Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* My Playground Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Golden Afternoon Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Misconception Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Crossroads Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* True Soldier Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Shattered Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* I, Ginzuishou Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* The Undeserving Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Oak Evolution Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Final Exam Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Deus Ex Machina Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Rain Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Fair Exchange Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Homecoming Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* No Place Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Night Star Shining Dejana Talis PG13 Sailormoon
* Full Circle Dejana Talis PG13 Sailormoon
* Unrequited Dejana Talis PG13 Sailormoon
* Enigma Dejana Talis G Sailormoon
* Beyond Measure Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
* Silent All These Years Dejana Talis PG Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Last Loose End Dejana Talis PG The Matrix
* The Moment Things Start to Happen DesDiamondS PG13 Harry Potter
* Remade DesDiamondS PG Harry Potter
* Prisoners of Circumstance DesDiamondS PG Harry Potter
* A Different View dimebg G Sailormoon
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witches of Hogwarts dragonwings PG13 Harry Potter
* [mirage] Ducky PG Sailormoon
* Forever Reaching dulcet_tones PG13 Harry Potter
* Boomers Like Me Dustinus PG13 Bubblegum Crisis
* Sailor Canoehead Dustinus G Crossover
Subject 13 Dustinus PG13 Original Fiction
* Mercury Rising Dustinus PG Sailormoon

* To Weave EbonyRabbit PG Sailormoon
Indifference echo PG Crossover
Sacrificial Love elcstar PG Inuyasha
Out of Place Ellourrah PG13 Sailormoon
SoulBound Ellourrah PG13 Sailormoon
* For the Sake of Maron elysia PG Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
* Love is Never Silent elysia G Sailormoon
When Fairy-Tales Just Don't Cut It eriebirdaway PG Ranma 1/2
Into The Night Eternal Eyes NC17 Inuyasha
The Fragility of Time, Book 1 - "War Without End" etj4eagle PG13 Sailormoon
A Truth Among Lies etoile mignon R Sailormoon
* The Holiday Season etoile mignon PG13 Sailormoon

Destiny Brought Us Together FluffyFox PG13 Fruits Basket
Destinies Intertwined FluffyFox PG13 Inuyasha
* Last Chance FluffyFox PG13 Inuyasha
Educating Sesshoumaru FluffyFox R Inuyasha
Indestructible Love FluffyFox R Inuyasha
Ripples In Time FluffyFox R Rurouni Kenshin
* The Watcher Foreign_Nebula R Rurouni Kenshin

* Silence GirlWhoWrites PG Sailormoon
* For the Future GirlWhoWrites PG13 Sailormoon
* The Last Night GirlWhoWrites PG Sailormoon
* Eventuality GirlWhoWrites PG13 Sailormoon
* Judgement GirlWhoWrites PG13 Sailormoon
* Time, Again GirlWhoWrites PG13 Sailormoon
* Amongst the Stars GirlWhoWrites PG Sailormoon
* Presumption GirlWhoWrites PG Sailormoon
* Burn Out GirlWhoWrites PG13 Sailormoon
* Beautiful Soldier Sailor Saturn GirlWhoWrites PG Sailormoon
The Loss of My Lover gotrice15278 PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
Psychosis gotrice15278 R Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Don’t Mind the Phone, It’s Just Sokka Calling gotrice15278 PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
* A Thorough Study gryvon NC17 Fullmetal Alchemist
* Aftermath gryvon PG13 Harry Potter
In God's Hands gryvon R Original Fiction

Dragon of the Moon HAL PG Sailormoon
* Njörðr Hanabi PG Sailormoon
* ...And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All Heathenesque R Fullmetal Alchemist
* Vision Heavenly Pearl PG Card Captor Sakura
* Midnight Magic Heavenly Pearl PG13 Card Captor Sakura
Contest Entry * Not So Lucky Heavenly Pearl G Crossover
* The Strange Girl Heavenly Pearl G Fire Emblem
* Kiss Me Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
* Gift Anxiety Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
Contest Entry * Study Date Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
Contest Entry * Playing Doctor Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
* Just Dessert Heavenly Pearl PG13 Fruits Basket
* Gift from the Heart Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
* A Reason To Hope Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
* The Bride Wore Heavenly Pearl PG Fruits Basket
Contest Entry * A Different Kind of Family Heavenly Pearl PG13 Harry Potter
Contest Winner * Birthday Fool Heavenly Pearl G Harry Potter
* A Duty to Fight Heavenly Pearl PG Harry Potter
* Private Christmas Heavenly Pearl PG13 Harry Potter
* Birth of a Dream Heavenly Pearl G Kaleido Star
* Pillow Talk Heavenly Pearl R Kaleido Star
Melting Ice Heavenly Pearl R Kaleido Star
* Blood On His Hands Heavenly Pearl R Kaleido Star
* No Longer Alone Heavenly Pearl PG13 Kaleido Star
* Search for the Missing Past Heavenly Pearl PG Princess Tutu
* Beautiful Dreamer Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Taboo Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Spirit of Fire Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Machiavelli's Folly Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* The Big Test Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Hawk's Eye View Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Blood is Thicker Than Water Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Cupid Times Three Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Raindrops Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* In the Spotlight Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Ashes to Ashes Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Against the Rules Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* Tick Tock Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Pluto's Present Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Wishing You Were Here Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* A Rain of Roses Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Nehelenia's Curse Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Red Death Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* The Difference Between Teaspoons and Tablespoons Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Caught Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* A Pleasant Surprise Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Secret Admirer Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Written in the Tea Leaves Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Help Me, Maiden Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Birthdays and Baseballs Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Snip, Snip Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* In His Dreams Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* One Last Night Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* The Star of Christmas Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Masquerade Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Queen of Hollywood Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Wrong Size, Big Mistake Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Ruining the Mood Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* The Second Time Around Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Why Kenji Hates Mamoru and All Teenage Boys Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* Runaways Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* The Night Before Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* Dissonance and Resonance Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* To Be By Your Side Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Every Move You Make Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Baby’s First Christmas Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Blast From A Forgotten Past Heavenly Pearl PG Sailormoon
* Small Lady and the Seven Amazons Heavenly Pearl G Sailormoon
* Realization Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* One Kiss Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Worth The Wait Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* Politically Incorrect Heavenly Pearl PG13 Sailormoon
* Salvation Heavenly Pearl R Sailormoon
* The Most Important Lesson Heavenly Pearl G Somedays Dreamers
* A Dream Come True Heavenly Pearl PG Somedays Dreamers
* Never Once Imagined Hermoine Jean Granger G Harry Potter
* A Grave Mistake Hermoine Jean Granger PG Harry Potter
Hope and Memory HighTime R Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Black Bat Strut His lordship Chaos PG13 Harry Potter
* Apotheosis His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* 1101 His lordship Chaos R Sailormoon
* Cat O' Nine Tales His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Cat O' Nine Tales, 2nd Life: Lunatic Fringe His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* earth*ling His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Mamoru Chiba Needs A Hug His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Neith His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Sycophant City His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* When Magical Girls Go Wrong His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Tales of the Dreamworld His lordship Chaos R Sailormoon
* M:G-2 (When Magical Girls Go Wrong R) His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Touch & Go Carousel His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Circles of Time: The Messiah Wars His lordship Chaos R Sailormoon
* Mad Tea Party His lordship Chaos PG13 Sailormoon
The Paradise Army His lordship Chaos PG13 Sailormoon
* Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) His lordship Chaos NC17 Sailormoon
* Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) His lordship Chaos NC17 Sailormoon
* Red Vs. White His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* The Paranoia Groove His lordship Chaos R Sailormoon
* Angel Electric His lordship Chaos PG13 Sailormoon
* ab type (antithesis) His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Firefly His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Now We Are Young His lordship Chaos PG Sailormoon
* Strut His lordship Chaos PG13 Sailormoon
* Glory Days Horosha NC17 Ranma 1/2
Moon Over Chicago Horosha R Sailormoon
House of the Holy Horosha NC17 Sailormoon
Double Exposure Huitzil PG13 Crossover
* The Samurai Huitzil G Legend of the Five Rings
* Offerings in the Darkness h_vic PG Harry Potter
* Hard Loss h_vic PG13 Harry Potter
* Going Back h_vic G Harry Potter
* The Lines Will One Day Be Drawn Again h_vic PG13 Harry Potter
* Church Bells h_vic PG Harry Potter
* A Good Night’s Sleep h_vic G Harry Potter
* Lily’s Son h_vic R Harry Potter
* Viridis h_vic PG Harry Potter

* A Pole Encounter Ian_Buddy PG13 Sailormoon
Memoirs of a Teenage Rockstar InukiTenchi R Inuyasha
* Little Lies Isabel Night PG Ronin Warriors
* Breathe IzzyJel PG Fruits Basket
* Ovens and Hexes IzzyJel PG Harry Potter

Unspoken Oblivion Jaded Catalyst PG13 Original Fiction
* Where We Left Off Jaded Catalyst PG13 The Naked Brothers Band
A Time For Goodbyes Jaded Catalyst PG13 The Naked Brothers Band
Autumn Eyes Jaded Catalyst PG13 The Naked Brothers Band
Is this Feeling Love or Lust? Jenbunny PG13 Sailormoon
* Pumpkin Prince Jessica Pendragon G Original Fiction
* The Bedevil Jessica Pendragon G Original Fiction
* The Dawn of Serenity Jessica Pendragon R Sailormoon
* Passion Red Jessica Pendragon PG13 Sailormoon
* Divinus Jessica Pendragon PG Sailormoon
* A New Mission Jessica Pendragon G Sailormoon
* Hail to the Kings Jessica Pendragon PG13 Sailormoon
* Savéol Jessica Pendragon R Sailormoon
* Closing Doors Jessica Pendragon G Sailormoon
Moments After Dawn Jessica Pendragon R Sailormoon
* Belong Jessica Pendragon G Sailormoon
* Lay Claim to What is Yours Jessica Pendragon R Sailormoon
* Thrice the Lover Jessica Pendragon G Sailormoon
The Golden Crown Jessica Pendragon R Sailormoon
* Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica JuJube PG13 Sailormoon
* Sailor Moon: Chaos Theory JuJube PG13 Sailormoon
* Symmetry of Fire JuJube PG13 Sailormoon
* Pale September JuJube G Sailormoon
Yu-Gi-Oh! Negative Zero JuJube PG Yu-Gi-Oh!
* The Rainmaker JuJube G Yu-Gi-Oh!
* Something in Between juliasfish PG13 Life With Derek

Murphy's Law: Prelude to Disaster Kalikara R Sailormoon
Soothing Kats NC17 Inuyasha
Contest Entry * Rules of Engagement Kihin Ranno PG Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Blue Ribbon Fading Kihin Ranno PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Suffocation Kihin Ranno PG13 Big Love
* Maybe Redemption Has Stories to Tell Kihin Ranno R Crossover
* Yellow Xterras Are Not Meant for Secret Meetings Kihin Ranno PG13 Crossover
* Werewolves, Wizards, and Magical Girls of London Kihin Ranno PG13 Crossover
Contest Winner * If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out Kihin Ranno PG13 Crossover
Contest Winner * Go Wrong Kihin Ranno PG13 Dexter
* All Kidding Aside Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* Life Among the Dead Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* Plain and Simple Kihin Ranno R Harry Potter
* Reflections in the Dark Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
Contest Entry * Just Be Here Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
Ring around Redemption Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
Fumbling Towards Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* Broken Things Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* back to when it all falls apart. Kihin Ranno R Harry Potter
* Seamus Finnigan: Gryffinwhore Kihin Ranno NC17 Harry Potter
13 Moon Dragons Kihin Ranno PG Harry Potter
* These Accidents of Faith Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* Incongruous Compatibility Kihin Ranno PG13 Harry Potter
* Anyone Would Drown Kihin Ranno NC17 Harry Potter
* Painting the Moon Black Kihin Ranno NC17 Harry Potter
* Between Ruin and Salvation Kihin Ranno NC17 Harry Potter
* The Bed We Lie In Kihin Ranno PG Harry Potter
* Sweatin’ to the Voldies Kihin Ranno NC17 Harry Potter
Contest Winner * Lucky 13 Kihin Ranno PG13 Labyrinth
* Cousin Joe Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* When I Woke up This Morning Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* School of Awkward Kihin Ranno PG Original Fiction
* Fly or Die Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* The Eyes of an Absent God Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* Pleasure to Burn Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* An Unwanted Confession Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
* Reunion Kihin Ranno PG13 Original Fiction
Hands Fall Together Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
Forgotten Forever Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* La Lumière d'Amour Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Promise Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Aino Minako Support Group Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Girls Don't Cry Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Gone Again Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Dreams Diverged Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Mamoru's Most Embarrassing Moment Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Three Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Slasher Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* What's in a Name Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Duel Iago Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Burden Down Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Consumed Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Kept Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Sun Up, Fall Down Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Would You Light My Candle? Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
Hands Fall Together - Lost Scenes Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Across the Great Divide Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Lemon Lime Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Missing Pieces Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Before I Go Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* It's the Fear Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Aftermath of Bachelor Parties Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* At the End of the Rainbow Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Just As Fatal Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* A Girl's Best Friend Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Mona Lisa Smile Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Voice on the Radio Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* To Tell the Truth Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Devil in the Blue Dress Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Yet Again Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Innuendo and Armageddon Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Identity Crisis Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Divided Soul Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
The Little Bear Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Flirting 101 Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Deeper Than Bone Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Obon Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Last Embrace Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Worth the Wait Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Requiem for a Princess Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* But He's a Pirate! Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Not-So-Simple Question Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Bad Moon Rises Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Rose Fire Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* Brilliant Idea Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Blew Me Away Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* On the Spire Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Holding Sacred Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* In His Eyes Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Lost Recollection Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Welcome to the Family Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* this is how you grieve. Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Personal Bubble Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Soothing Properties Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Really Quite Absurd Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Worst Punishment Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Fall to Thrive Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* In Medias Res Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Almost There Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Awake in Flames Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Echoes Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Her Light, Dancing Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* In Another Room Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Choice Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Race of the Thousand Spires Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Grave Secrets (with No Graves) Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* When Angels Deserve to Die Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Other Side of Dark Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
Entwined Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Switch Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Fickle Pickle Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Flesh of the Butterfly Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Hide and Seek in Cemeteries Kihin Ranno PG Sailormoon
* Making Up’s the Best Part Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Are We Ashes and Wine? Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Not a Virgin Anymore Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
Those Who Hunt, Become Kihin Ranno R Sailormoon
* What Friends Are For Kihin Ranno NC17 Sailormoon
* Sometimes You Hear the Bullet Train Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* Rondo Adagio Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* White Arrow Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* White King; White Queen Kihin Ranno PG13 Sailormoon
* The Genesis of an Obligatory Psychotic Jackass Kihin Ranno PG13 Veronica Mars
* Burning Low Kihin Ranno PG13 Veronica Mars
* Like a Train Kihin Ranno PG13 Veronica Mars
* A Year Later kira_k G Labyrinth
* Midday Ramblings Kitsune Moonstar PG CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* 6. - [ItachixSnape] kizuna-ko PG13 Crossover
* Permanence kokoronagomu PG13 Inuyasha
* Open Your Eyes Koneko R Rurouni Kenshin
White Wing Bloody Heart Koneko NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Too Sexy For My Fur Krysia PG13 Crossover
* Flesh and Blood Krysia G Sailormoon
* Reflections Krysia G Sailormoon
* A Simple Thing Krysia G Sailormoon
* A Christmas Wish Krysia G Sailormoon
Obedience Kyae PG13 Fruits Basket

* Paranoid La Mort G Sailormoon
* Arthur’s Battle laceymoibella G Harry Potter
The Marriage Conspiracy Lady Yue PG13 Harry Potter
* Good Bye Lady Yue PG13 Inuyasha
Back To Your Heart Lady Yue R Naruto
* All I Want For Christmas Lady Yue PG13 Naruto
To Love Again Lady Yue R Naruto
Call Me Maybe Lady Yue R Other Fandom
Tourniquet Lady Yue R Sailormoon
Chronicles Lady Yue R Sailormoon
* One Way Or Another Lady Yue PG13 Sailormoon
Revenge of the Little Bunny Lady Yue PG13 Sailormoon
Angel of the Night Lady Yue R Sailormoon
Senshi of the Moon Lady Yue PG13 Sailormoon
* A Bat, A Princess, and Toilet Paper LadyAllen PG Other Fandom
Absolution Lillie_Bell PG13 Sailormoon
* Santaclaws Loki PG Crossover
* The Moon Bunny and the Love Letter Loki PG Crossover
* Sailor Moon Trekking Loki PG13 Crossover
* Shoujo and Broomsticks Loki PG13 Crossover
Poker Faced Loki PG13 Crossover
Silver Raven Loki PG13 Crossover
Mapleromancer Loki R Maple Story
* When Dreams Grow Up Loki G Sailormoon
Blue Sky Pearl Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Darien's Affirmation Loki G Sailormoon
* Trickery of the Moonlight Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Senshi Chronicles 1 Aki Loki R Sailormoon
* Estella: Hino Rei’s story Loki NC17 Sailormoon
* Dear Diary Loki G Sailormoon
* The Sword and the Rose Loki PG Sailormoon
* The Goddess and the Long Forgotten Soldier Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* More Than Just a Holographic Girl! Loki PG Sailormoon
* Serenity of Golden Hair Loki R Sailormoon
* Elemental Princess Loki PG Sailormoon
Endymion Guardian of the Night Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Night into Day Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Sailor Eostre, princess and Earth Bunny Loki PG Sailormoon
* Schism Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Wisdom’s Child, Jadeite’s Return Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Zodiac Reckoning, Nephrite’s Return Loki PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Caught in the Rain Loki PG Sailormoon
* Melantha the Ultimate Nemesis Loki R Sailormoon
* Surprise Surprise! Loki R Sailormoon
* Mommy Please Love Me: Story of a Crystal Princess Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Plushy Moments Loki PG Sailormoon
Beryl Returns Loki NC17 Sailormoon
My Love My Nemesis Loki NC17 Sailormoon
Rebirth of Venus Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* The Klutzy Ghost Bunny! Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* On the Half Chance Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Warm Hearts Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Heart to An Arrow Loki PG13 Sailormoon
Azure Dreaming Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Adventures of a Little Black Dress Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Rose Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Serenity of France: the lost princess Loki R Sailormoon
Forbidden Tryst: Rose and the Fiery Bloom Loki NC17 Sailormoon
* Princess Snowflake Loki G Sailormoon
* One Step Ahead Loki PG13 Sailormoon
* Tokyo Blossom Loki PG13 Sailormoon
The Flower Shop Loki R Sailormoon
Foreign Correspondent Loki R Sailormoon
* Gift From Pegasus: A Stargate Atlantis fanfiction Loki PG Stargate Atlantis
* Shrine of My Heart Loki PG Yu-Gi-Oh!
* Relaxation 101 LordRandallsLady NC17 Inuyasha
* The Dragon and the Rose LordRandallsLady PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* Ensnared LordRandallsLady NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
Airmail LovelyLytton R Sailormoon

End Game Mafuyuhotaru NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Be Gentle magicsmith R Bleach
Zanpakuto magicsmith PG13 Bleach
A Walk in the Park magicsmith R Bleach
Daydreams Come True magicsmith NC17 Bleach
* A Meal for the Arrancar magicsmith PG13 Bleach
Orihime’s Groundhog Day magicsmith R Bleach
* TYPO magicsmith PG Original Fiction
* One night can change everything makotochan R Sailormoon
* Family makotochan PG13 Sailormoon
Cyanide & Neck Ties Masked Maiden PG13 Crossover
* The Weight of Sugar Masked Maiden G Goof Troop
* It's Always The Dad Masked Maiden PG House
* A Hymn to Them Masked Maiden PG House
* Waiting on a Woman Masked Maiden G Sailormoon
* One Proud Wife Masked Maiden G Sailormoon
* The Consequences of Friendly Fire Masked Maiden PG13 Sailormoon
* The Truth About Death Masked Maiden PG13 Sailormoon
* Fathers and Sons Masked Maiden PG Sailormoon
* If We Kissed Masked Maiden R Sailormoon
* What's Been Taken Masked Maiden G Sailormoon
* Shadows mayotteruhoshi R Rurouni Kenshin
* Bloodlines Meech PG Crossover
Infatuation Mitchy NC17 Sailormoon
* Memoirs of a Broken Quill MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* Scribbles MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* What the World Needs MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* Woolly Bladders MithrilQuill G Harry Potter
* Magical Houses MithrilQuill G Harry Potter
* Feather-Light and Fiery is his Truth MithrilQuill PG13 Harry Potter
* Hermione’s Trolls MithrilQuill G Harry Potter
* To Wish for Love MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* Deepest Darkness MithrilQuill PG13 Harry Potter
* Deadly Decisions MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* Rubbish Bins MithrilQuill PG13 Harry Potter
Dragontamer MithrilQuill PG Harry Potter
* Toile D’Araignée MithrilQuill PG13 Harry Potter
* When Dark Falls MithrilQuill PG13 Harry Potter
* Lyra’s Children moonmomma R Sailormoon
* Mine Moon_Destiny PG13 Card Captor Sakura
* Preemptive Strikes Moon_Destiny PG13 Psych
* Dangerous Things Moon_Destiny PG13 Psych
* Relatively Speaking Moon_Destiny PG13 Psych
* Need and Want Moon_Destiny PG Sailormoon
Oceanus Procellarum: A Silver Millennium Adventure Moon_Goddess PG13 Sailormoon
* Underneath the Stars mrsmcclnt PG13 Harry Potter
* My Heart Beats for You. mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter
* His Muse: A Wizarding Tale about a Desperate Housewife mrsmcclnt R Harry Potter
* A Mother’s Plight mrsmcclnt PG13 Harry Potter
* Elvendork mrsmcclnt PG13 Harry Potter
* A Conversation Between Friends mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter
* Happily Ever After mrsmcclnt PG13 Harry Potter
* Run mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter
Father Time mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter
* Midnight on Privett Drive mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter
* Something Very Precious mrsmcclnt PG Harry Potter

* The Pied Piper of the Black Forest Naamah PG13 Harry Potter
* The Flower Collector Naamah G Harry Potter
* The Mirror Never Lies Naamah PG13 Harry Potter
* The Guardian Naamah PG Harry Potter
* Pink Cotton Knickers Naamah NC17 Harry Potter
Desperately Broken NausicaaWind PG13 Naruto
* Light of Hope neoangelss PG Sailormoon
* crystal sharp neoangelss G Sailormoon
* the garden neoangelss G Sailormoon
* endless neoangelss PG Sailormoon
* So Many Men Nephthys Moon PG Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Shades of Gray Nephthys Moon PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Broken Throne Nephthys Moon R Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Spirit Watchers Nephthys Moon G Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Something There That Doesn’t Love a Wall Nephthys Moon G Bones
* Through a Veil Darkly Nephthys Moon PG Crossover
* Fortune Favours the Brave Nephthys Moon R Harry Potter
* Finding James Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* Loony Love Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* As I Lay Me Down Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* Forced to Love Nephthys Moon R Harry Potter
* Saying Good-bye Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* Ghost of a Chance Nephthys Moon PG13 Harry Potter
* Hope Nephthys Moon PG13 Harry Potter
* Love Notes Nephthys Moon R Harry Potter
* Live Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* Holdridge the Garden Gnome Nephthys Moon G Harry Potter
* Ghosts of Youth Nephthys Moon PG Harry Potter
* Too Far Away To Touch Nephthys Moon NC17 Harry Potter
* For Her Husband’s Honor Nephthys Moon PG13 Harry Potter
So Cold Nephthys Moon R Ouran High School Host Club
Contest Winner * Personification of Envy Nephthys Moon PG Ouran High School Host Club
* Innocent Love Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
Contest Winner * Retrograde Nephthys Moon G Sailormoon
The Goddess Selene: Book 1 Nephthys Moon R Sailormoon
Silver and Steel Nephthys Moon NC17 Sailormoon
* Chloroform Nephthys Moon R Sailormoon
* Shrapnel Nephthys Moon PG13 Sailormoon
* Novacain Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
* Fare Thee Well Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
* Feel Complete Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
* Go On Dreaming Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
* All We Had Nephthys Moon PG Sailormoon
* Silence is Goldie Nephthys Moon PG13 Sailormoon
* All’s Fair in Love and Pancakes Nephthys Moon PG13 Star Trek: Enterprise
Sacaea Episode I: Return of the Light Nephthys Moon R Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
* Duality Nephthys Moon PG13 Vampire Knight
A Promise is a Promise Newbie GK PG13 Inuyasha
Tryst ninny PG13 Sailormoon
Hyuuga’s Rival Norma Lizeth R Naruto
* Comfortably Numb nothingsorrow R Death Note
Truth Or Dare nothingsorrow R Death Note
Consequentially Yours Nyruserra R Harry Potter

* Vox Nihili olesia PG Crossover
* The Ending olesia PG Princess Tutu
* Victory olesia NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh!
* Sight the King olesia NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh!
* Rusalka olesia PG13 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Harry Potter and the Skat-Hatokha Reaction OliveOil_Med PG13 Harry Potter
The Arcane ScoRA and the Wand of MacArt OliveOil_Med G Harry Potter
Different Circumstances Orionshadow NC17 Bleach

Reflections of Ruin P.H. Wise R Crossover
* Quickened P.H. Wise PG13 Crossover
* Epigoni P.H. Wise PG13 Crossover
* Bluff Papirini PG13 Crossover
* Short Stacked Papirini PG Sailormoon
* seagreen shark Papirini PG Sailormoon
* Enigma Papirini PG Sailormoon
* m.a.d. Papirini PG Sailormoon
* Ring of Fire Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
Shadows of Psyche Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* She's Come Undone Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* just a dash of absinthe Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* Pondering Backublah Zooooper Papirini G Sailormoon
* What Prudentius Said.... Papirini R Sailormoon
* Red Eyes Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* Litmus Test Papirini PG Sailormoon
Misperception Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* Mens Rea Papirini R Sailormoon
* The Great Matter Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* Neon Monkey Papirini PG Sailormoon
* Abbreviated. Papirini PG13 Sailormoon
* Converting Meters Into Inches Papirini PG Sailormoon
* Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Papirini R Sailormoon
* Toilettes Are Your Friend Papirini PG Sailormoon
* Art Class perseverance PG Inuyasha
* Train Station perseverance PG Rurouni Kenshin
* Seeing perseverance PG Rurouni Kenshin
* Dreamless Sleep perseverance PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
Stirrings perseverance PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
Children of the Rebellion phenomenon R Harry Potter
* Happily Ever After phenomenon PG Harry Potter
* Heaven and Earth: The Path to Crystal Tokyo PhoenixStAr PG Sailormoon
A Twisted Tale pink4dot PG13 Sailormoon
* Return of the Moon Princess princessnat PG13 Sailormoon
Knight Thunder Chronicles PrincessReimeiko NC17 Original Fiction
* Wolves of Gomorrah profoundly_grey R Harry Potter
The Scouts Have Returned. PromiseMe PG13 Sailormoon
* Mask, Uhn PsychoxKillerxFreak PG Naruto
* The Pink Streak PsychoxKillerxFreak PG13 Naruto

* The Chong Sheng Trilogy: War rachelthedemon PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Disillusionment Ravyn PG13 Harry Potter
* Perfect in Weakness Ravyn PG13 Naruto
* Shade of the Leaf Ravyn PG13 Naruto
* Little One Ravyn NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Blue Side of the Moon Ravyn R Rurouni Kenshin
* Marching Home Ravyn PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* Honor Bound Ravyn R Rurouni Kenshin
* Ebony Glass Ravyn R Rurouni Kenshin
Amber Linings Ravyn NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Wolf Kin Ravyn R Rurouni Kenshin
* Path to Desire Ravyn NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Christmas Cookies Ravyn PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
Path of Thorns Ravyn R Rurouni Kenshin
* Shadowed Gray Ravyn NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* All Hallows’ Even Ravyn PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* The last kind man regie R Black Lagoon
* Nirvana regie PG13 Bubblegum Crisis
* Rapture regie PG Bubblegum Crisis
* Taking over me regie PG13 Madlax
* Atonement ~ The Great Divide ~ regie PG13 Madlax
* Absolution regie R Madlax
* Undying spirit regie PG Mai-HiME
* Ex Cinis Cineris regie PG13 RahXephon
* Reflections in D minor regie PG RahXephon
* Time's quicksands regie PG13 RahXephon
* A moment in time regie PG13 RahXephon
* Nocturnal Revelations regie R RahXephon
* Till death do us part regie PG13 RahXephon
* An unexpected gift regie PG RahXephon
* Ex Cinis Cineris: Intermezzo regie NC17 RahXephon
* Return to your shore regie PG13 RahXephon
New Beginings regie PG13 RahXephon
* Landing Maneuvers, the MST regie R RahXephon
* A friend's worth regie PG RahXephon
* Crossroads regie G Sailormoon
* Into the darkness regie PG13 Sailormoon
* Second Chances regie PG Sailormoon
* Ghosts of the past regie PG13 Sailormoon
* Birth of a warrior regie PG Soul Calibur
* Blood Ties regie PG13 Soul Calibur
* Gilded Cage regie PG Twelve Kingdoms
Ally Roses Ablaze G Sailormoon
Just You Wait rui PG13 Vision of Escaflowne
* Six Decades ruminant G Original Fiction
* I Know ruminant G Sailormoon
Rhapsody ruminant PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Singing Fishes and Sparkles ruminant PG Sailormoon
* A Better Way ruminant G Sailormoon
What Am I To You? rurouni_kenshinxkaoru PG13 Bleach
I Will Protect You rurouni_kenshinxkaoru PG13 Rurouni Kenshin

Peeping Toms S. Schumaker PG13 Sailormoon
* Oi, I Blame the Door Sabraa PG Harry Potter
* Tea: Darjeeling Sage Darkwoods G Firefly
* Sparring Sage Darkwoods PG Stargate: SG-1
A Sailor Romance Sailor Ryo-Ohki PG13 Sailormoon
* Hospital Mayhem, Protect the Pure Heart of a Doctor sailorgallifrey PG13 Crossover
* A Grail?!? sailorknight PG13 Crossover
Channel Surfing sailorknight PG13 Crossover
The Brooch sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
Seeing Stars sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
* The Earth Scout Chronicles - Season One sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
* Alone No More sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
Atonement sailorknight PG Sailormoon
* Boyfriend Quest sailorknight PG Sailormoon
* Birthday Quest sailorknight PG Sailormoon
50 Ways Serenity Screwed Up sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
The Earth Senshi Chronicles - Book One sailorknight PG13 Sailormoon
* Kitty Quest sailorknight PG Sailormoon
* Unconventional Sammical G Harry Potter
* Untold Sammical G Harry Potter
* Never Jack Sapphiregirl PG King Kong
For Love...or Duty Sapphiregirl PG13 Sailormoon
* Fool Me Once... Sapphiregirl PG Teen Titans
* The Letter Sapphiregirl G X-Men
* Only A Whisper ScarlettShannon R Harry Potter
* Desolate Beauty ScarlettShannon NC17 Harry Potter
* Lucid Dreams ScarlettShannon R Harry Potter
* Owned ScarlettShannon PG13 Harry Potter
* Fairs Are For Lovers ScarlettShannon PG13 Harry Potter
* The Reason Serena_DLL PG Sailormoon
* The Alchemy of Fire - Arc I Shadowhawke PG Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Awaken Shadowstar PG13 Crossover
* Surrogate Father silverstarlet G Sailormoon
* Guide to Paradise silverstarlet G Sailormoon
Retribution silverstarlet R Sailormoon
Experimental Dreams Snakefeather PG13 Crossover
A Complicated Love Story snapes_allie R Harry Potter
Contest Entry * flowers for negaduck. Sokudo Ningyou G Darkwing Duck
* hail to the queen. Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
* with eyes on a purple prize. Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
* solitude, with reservations for two. Sokudo Ningyou PG Sailormoon
* standing on the edge of 50% chance. Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
* what's your name? Sokudo Ningyou PG Sailormoon
* just a couple of shooting stars. Sokudo Ningyou G Sailormoon
* one last sweet taste. Sokudo Ningyou G Sailormoon
* building a better flytrap. Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
Pretty Soldiers Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
* from afar, she watches the rainbow. Sokudo Ningyou G Sailormoon
* Shunshin Sokudo Ningyou PG Sailormoon
A Different Story Sokudo Ningyou PG13 Sailormoon
* in the absence of five for the future. Sokudo Ningyou PG Sailormoon
* La Famille LeBeau Sokudo Ningyou G Sailormoon
* on a cold day, she can see the future. Sokudo Ningyou G Sailormoon
* Twenty Year Silver Sokudo Ningyou G The Dresden Files
* The Fall Of Lamia Sokudo Ningyou PG The Hyperion Cantos
* reasons to kill your buddha. Sokudo Ningyou PG X-Men
Darkness Is Relative StarryNight101 PG13 Sailormoon
* According to Alice Starsea PG Fruits Basket
* Cat's Paw Starsea G Harry Potter
* All That Glitters Starsea PG Harry Potter
* Tiger Lily and the Lost Boy Starsea PG13 Harry Potter
* Son of the Shadows Starsea PG13 Harry Potter
* The Hope of Better Days Starsea PG13 Harry Potter
* For The Benefit of Professor Lupin Starsea PG Harry Potter
* Corridors of Power Starsea PG Harry Potter
* The Art of Browsing Starsea PG Harry Potter
* Mentors Starsea PG Harry Potter
The Exiles Starsea R Sailormoon
* Cry-baby Starsea G Sailormoon
* Morphine Allergy Starsea PG Sailormoon
* The Watchers Starsea G Sailormoon
* Keeping the Score Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* La Petite Mort Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Like the Wind Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Rose Shelter Starsea G Sailormoon
* Aquatic Hypnosis Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Thrice-Blessed Starsea PG Sailormoon
The Poisoned Chalice Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Party Time Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Cast This Darkness From My Soul Starsea R Sailormoon
* Fireproof Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Taking Charge Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Quaint Little Concept Starsea R Sailormoon
* Can't Change The Inevitable Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Wish Fulfillment Starsea NC17 Sailormoon
* Art of Sexual War Starsea NC17 Sailormoon
* A Dry Spell Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
Contest Entry * Pilgrims In A Strange Land Starsea PG Sailormoon
Labyrinth of Stones and Roses Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* One Last Favour Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Sylvan Reverie Starsea PG Sailormoon
* Craving Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Dutch Courage Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Crowned With Stars Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
La Guerrera del tiempo Starsea PG13 Sailormoon
* Stolen Ghosts StarzAngelus G Harry Potter
* The Immortal StarzAngelus G Sailormoon
* The Way We Are stella_bomb NC17 Naruto
Cruel Destiny of An Unlikely SuperHero StormChild PG Sailormoon
* Touch Stormlight NC17 Fushigi Yugi
* The Gift (Revised edition) Stormlight PG13 Labyrinth
Loving Thine Enemy (revised edition) Stormlight PG13 Labyrinth
* A Butterfly in China stormwalker628 PG Crossover
* The Letter stormwalker628 PG Mobile Suit Gundam
* Where's Ranma stormwalker628 PG Ranma 1/2
* Panty Raid stormwalker628 PG13 Ranma 1/2
* Duck! stormwalker628 PG Ranma 1/2
* A Little Violence stormwalker628 PG Sailormoon
* Silly Scenes you won't see in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars stormwalker628 PG13 Sailormoon
* Public Service Announcement stormwalker628 G Sailormoon
* Revenge is Best Served at 2am stormwalker628 PG Sailormoon
* Barfly Breakfast superkate G Crossing Jordan
* Alternate Histories superkate PG Crossing Jordan
Navigating superkate R CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Less-Travelled Roads superkate PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* A Policy of Dos and Do Nots superkate R CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Big Girls Don't Cry superkate PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Five Months, Twenty-One Days (Forty Messages Dance Around Truth) superkate PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* The Education of David Hodges (Trials and Tribulations of a Not-Stupid Man) superkate PG CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* When You Can Only Watch (What Sara Said) superkate PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Expectations, Great and Otherwise superkate PG CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Good Neighbors superkate PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
* Itemized Lists superkate NC17 House
* Duck Soup superkate NC17 House
* Anatomy of a Lie superkate PG House
* The Last Five Years superkate PG House
* Wednesday, Wednesday superkate PG House
* The Best Laid Men (Of Mice and Plans) superkate PG House
* A Sure Thing superkate PG House
* Then, Now, Eventually superkate NC17 House
* After Hours superkate R House
* Measuring Years superkate R Law & Order: SVU
* Noise Versus Emptiness superkate R Law & Order: SVU
* Asanuma Itto and the Skeleton in the Closet superkate PG13 Sailormoon
* The Waste Land superkate NC17 Sailormoon
* Fast Car surrenderdammit PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
Walk Another Road surrenderdammit NC17 Rurouni Kenshin
* Casablanca Melodies swayinginlights PG13 Sailormoon
* High Flying, Adored swayinginlights PG Sailormoon
* Blind Ambition swayinginlights PG13 Sailormoon

* Holding On Taking Back the City PG13 Harry Potter
Water Droplets of Memory Tesh-chan PG13 Sailormoon
Ice Queen Tesh-chan PG Sailormoon
* The Letter Tesh-chan G Sailormoon
End of the Millennium Thanatos R Crossover
* "The Choshu Chronicles" by Omasu Oniwaban The Archivist PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* "Kyoto Interlude" by Omasu Oniwaban The Archivist PG Rurouni Kenshin
* "In the Shadows" by Omasu Oniwaban The Archivist PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* "In The Wolves' Den" by Omasu Oniwaban The Archivist PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* "Tokio's Wedding" by Omasu Oniwaban The Archivist PG Rurouni Kenshin
* This and That The Marauding Cupcake PG13 Harry Potter
* The First Words Hurt The Most The Marauding Cupcake G Harry Potter
* (You’ve Got To) Hide Your Love Away The Marauding Cupcake PG13 Harry Potter
* The Danger That Awaits The Marauding Cupcake R Harry Potter
* Just So You Know thegirllikeme G Harry Potter
* White For Silence thegirllikeme PG13 Harry Potter
Bad Habits Through Darkness R Sailormoon
* The Most Beautiful Thing Through Darkness PG13 Sailormoon
* Remember the time when... tmchiba R Sailormoon
Moon Knight Saga Tristram Hawthorne PG13 Sailormoon
* Flavours Tsuki Yuuki G Naruto
* An Easy Thing Tsuki Yuuki PG13 Naruto
* My Lover's War twiknham R Crossover
* Opening Game twiknham PG13 Last Exile
* Role Reversal twiknham PG13 Rurouni Kenshin
* Jin's Quandary twiknham PG Samurai Champloo
* Jin's Epiphany twiknham PG13 Samurai Champloo
* Jin's Overture twiknham PG13 Samurai Champloo
* Saaka twiknham PG Samurai Champloo
* The Hidden Music of Atsuro Kiryuu twiknham NC17 Sensual Phrase
* Tears of Separation twiknham NC17 Sensual Phrase
* I Touch You twiknham NC17 Sensual Phrase
* A Day in the Queen of Kei's Court twiknham R Twelve Kingdoms

* Puzzling Pieces Vayleen PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender
* Inevitable Vayleen PG Jimmy Neutron
* Love or Duty Vayleen PG Sailormoon
* Serendipity Blue Vayleen PG13 Sailormoon
* Turn Around Vayleen PG Sailormoon
The Burning Seasons Vayleen R The Legend of Zelda
Contest Entry * Glass Clover Houses Vayleen PG13 Veronica Mars
* But It’s Only Midnight vegetasbubble PG Crossover
* Your Power Over Me vegetasbubble PG13 Harry Potter
* Lover. Warrior. Rebel. King. vegetasbubble R Harry Potter
* White Dove vegetasbubble R Harry Potter
* Ignore That Feeling Deep Down Inside vegetasbubble NC17 Harry Potter
* A Relationship That Progressed through Awesome Weirdness vegetasbubble R Harry Potter
* Till We Meet Again, Ma Cher vegetasbubble R Harry Potter
* Until the Knight Comes vegetasbubble PG13 Harry Potter
* Moonlight Rose vegetasbubble R Sailormoon
* Contamination Vipaka R Sailormoon
Deterioration Vipaka PG13 Sailormoon
* Brother of Fire ViperInferno PG Sailormoon
* Self-Incineration ViperInferno R Sailormoon
* Armageddon For Artemis ViperInferno PG13 Sailormoon
* Five-Alarm Fire ViperInferno PG Sailormoon
* Forest Fire ViperInferno PG Sailormoon
Wildfire ViperInferno PG13 Sailormoon
* Up In Flames ViperInferno PG13 Sailormoon
Rekindling Their Bonds ViperInferno PG The Legend of Zelda
Economics VO1 R Sailormoon
* Voyeur VO1 NC17 Sailormoon
* Moonshine VO1 NC17 Sailormoon
* Le Soleil Briiliant VO1 R Sailormoon
* Night Games VO1 NC17 Sailormoon
* Points of Light VO1 NC17 Sailormoon
* Comfort Object VO1 R Sailormoon
* The Lost Pleiade VO1 PG Sailormoon
* Three Little Birds VO1 PG13 Sailormoon
* My Cherie Amour VO1 PG13 Sailormoon

* Normal Enough wickedtrue PG Sailormoon
* Tempting Fate wickedtrue PG Sailormoon
Tripping Toward the Morn wickedtrue PG Sailormoon
Youma Dust WK-The Triumph PG13 Sailormoon
* Between Daggers and Ice Writingschizo101 R Avatar: The Last Airbender

As the Lightning falls YF-21 PG13 Soul Calibur

Lassoing the Moon zooky G Heroes

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