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My Love My Nemesis by Loki

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Destiny is a drop of eternity shimmering in the boundless present,

It gives life,

Blesses the brave and the lover alike and punishes the unforgiving,

But this day its silver droplet falls upon a golden flower and so our story begins!

She stood alone, the child cradled in her arms drawing its last breath, her mother unconscious at her feet

She felt the cold little body against her breast and the black clad senshi, began to sob, feeling her comatose heart begin to break

"No, this cannot be, I did this?" The girl's curtain of red fell over her face to her waist, like a shroud upon the lifeless child

Her power staff forgotten, her red eyes changed color and a golden light flared around the young warrior as the darkness made its hasty retreat

Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom

Forbidden Tryst

The picturesque view from where she sat was much like a window on the eternal landscape reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. For every time her eyes would venture into the vistas of the imagination, dreams would make themselves known and she would record these faithfully on parchment, paint or draw the vivid images sent her from the kingdom of sleep or waking vision.

Trinkets lay scattered on an ornate sandstone sundial that lay at the base of the five steps leading into the small enclosure. Whosoever had carved it was in her view a genius. The ten symbols of the Silver Millennium’s planets and their host star represented by a primordial zodiac was unlike that of the Terran suite, reputed to be so ancient many had forgotten its origins and had always enchanted her. She loved the way the shadows would dance upon various points in the small decagonal courtyard. Statuettes of Senshi unknown, Stellar Shitennou she had never heard of, all these looking back at her with expressions of either fierceness, beatific smiles, holding their blades in salutation or defiance, still others with their hands raised in benediction or gestures raging from wrathful to playful, she was their queen and they her courtiers. After all, a princess's private hamlet was her palace, a sacred space where a budding young woman could dream and plan.

Lunarian magic saturated the site, and she felt it coursing through her body whenever she meditated or listened to the songbirds. If one sat in the lap of quietude, they would feel it, the tangible forces enveloping everything: the surrounding monuments, the faery fountain her father had built for her, the trees and flowers and the soil to the air one breathed, it was potent. She had come here to think, to paint and to daydream and to play ever since a small girl.

The vast dome of crystal overhead enclosed the sumptuous sunshine, the winds, and storms and provided a mosaic of climates and the most stunning cloud formations that adorned the skies over Serenity City and its territories including the Lunarian Sea. These gorgeous enigmas like those of Earth and other exotic locations throughout the cosmos were programmed into the weather modification system. Serenity still thought it magical and enchanting despite the science she viewed as a form of elemental magic albeit a more, hands on variant.

Dust devils danced across the inner sanctum of the rotunda. She loved this place. It was where her mother and father fell in love. Mother had said, although they were bound in a marriage of state, they were fortunate that the Ginzuishou had brought them together through the natural tides of their hearts.

Her legs bared; Serenity loved the sensual touch of the Lunarian breeze on her skin now getting a good dose of sunlight below her knees. She sucked on a honey flower stem, her thoughts adrift, wondering as she sat on the marble wall how it might have been back then. She looked at the white Lunarian Roses. The very same bush Agamemnon had picked a scented bloom to give to her mother when he took off his armor and space sword and approached the blushing Serenity. The beautiful princess in her gossamer violet gown with its red ribbons holding the folds of the dress in place, her silvery-gold hair worn in the customary bunny-eared style he could no more resist than cease breathing. He claimed her in that moment. He was a charmer all right, Serenity thought, having read the account of their youth and smiled again at the images. She could picture them under the Earth light, holding hands and looking into one another’s eyes; so romantic. She wanted that for herself.

Oh, that she would be so lucky, but would she find love in the same way as had her parents. She doubted it. Destiny it seemed wanted her to be a marionette and dance to its ethereal tune. In reality, there were no guarantees.

Her grandmother, Selene for example had suffered a difficult marriage with her grandfather. The young princess had read of it in the Serenity City Archives. Mother forbade her to go there. But this had fuelled the young monarch’s curiosity, and you didn’t say ‘no’ to this little bunny. She rebelled against this edict. She would have none of it.

Unashamedly, she used her power, status and charm to gain access to the secret vaults below the library’s public gallery, the curator was sweat dropping as he ordered a more frightened member of his staff to attend the princess and scurried away without any idea of what Serenity intended, leaving her in the hands of the shy girl.

The girl reminded Serenity of a little bird. Her hair cascading to the backs of her knees was shining and very pretty against her olive skin. She had a nametag on her sleeveless hip-length white shift, ‘Naru.’ She was fidgeting and trying to look responsible. Serenity smiled. But this only made Naru more nervous. She bowed and almost tripped at the top of the stairs.

Serenity giggled and reached out to steady the young woman, squeezing her shoulder. “I won’t tell mother. I promise. Come see the archive. Have they let you visit here? Do you have clearance, Naru?” she addressed the girl with the fiery red hair and green eyes, the golden crescent on her brow ablaze at the moment of contact with the hand of the future ruler of the Moon Kingdom.

“No, I have never-“

“You’re Senshi, it is settled then!”

“I-it is. I am a cadet only lady,” Naru squeaked.

Serenity ignored the girl’s protestations and self-effacement, and figured she’d arrange for her to be trained by her Captain of the Guard, Lord Artemis. “I need an assistant and personal attendant… you’re it and you are now my friend and I will expect you to accompany me on my research and to share my company outside working hours. Would you like that, Naru?”

Naru’s eyes doubled in size, and remembering herself, she curtseyed, then smiled at her new friend all her nervousness gone. “Oh yes, thank you Your Majesty!”

“Sere, or Bunny, you don’t have to be formal with me. Only on official and public occasions should you observe those regulations. I hate stuffy protocols, don’t you?” she giggled, and hugged a surprised Naru. “Come, let’s get into some mischief!” The girls practically skipped to the lower chambers hand in hand.

As she read the texts, as Naru carried over another heavy leather-bound codec setting it upon the Lunarian Oak table, Serenity blew away the dust. Naru pushed the bangs out of her eyes, smiled at Serenity, and opened the codec. She absorbed far more about the Silver Millennium in that one session alone than in all the years of hearing the tales as she grew up. Serenity also asked Naru to read the texts with her and write a commentary; that, she was more than happy to do and found herself spellbound by the history of the Moon and the stars from which their ancestors had come.

They’d been at it for four hours before Serenity closed the cover of the book. “I think lunch is in order, Naru, don’t you?”

“I couldn’t agree more, Bunny!”

“Let’s go then…”

The girls ate in a comfortable silence in the library dining hall absorbing and processing everything they’d read, the images, impressions and ancient memories stirring deep within.

Serenity had learned that when it came to finding true love for the monarchs of the Silver Millennium, her parents were the exception, not the rule. She found nothing to convince her she would find love through the institutions of royal protocol. This was a depressing thought. But the princess was determined to have her way by fair means or foul. She would have her true love one day, of that, she was certain. In the meantime, she would seek him out, whoever he might be. For the moment, the flavor of the Lunarian month was a young prince by the name of Diamond. She would have him for herself whatever it took and find out if they were fated to be together or not.

So she put her plan into action. She had befriended the shy young prince, his boyish looks and regal bearing made him a man in her eyes. Serenity, knowing little of the opposite sex, went weak at the knees whenever in his presence and he knew this. After many rides into the forest, or playing Lunarian Chess, going for walks, spending time sailing on the waters of the Lunarian Sea they had grown accustomed to one another, and quite close.

Diamond had shown her how to make Kites. He and Serenity along with Naru would fly them. Naru thought him good-looking and advised Serenity to spend as much time with the prince as was possible. Serenity was more than happy to comply.

Serenity knew their families were estranged, but didn’t care. She felt lonely, a girl without a will of her own, watching from afar as the Lunarian boys and girls grew up to find their own loves and lives and here she was to have it all scripted for her. Serenity was to comply without protest. With one thing and another, Luna and Artemis kept a tight rein on her. But as she grew into a young woman, could she convince her guardians she was all right and Diamond was like Naru, a close friend and companion, nothing more? Time would tell.


Her mother frowned, “Serenity child, you’ll only hurt him if you get his hopes up. You are to be betrothed to another and it would not be fitting of a princess to engage on a romantic level with anyone else under these conditions.”

“Mother, you don’t know Diamond isn’t meant to be the one selected for me, do you? His family, they are our allies aren’t they?” she argued, but quieted as she saw that look start to flash in her mother’s eyes. So she took another tack, “Mother, we’re just good friends, we are much too young to think about these things. We like each other ,yes, but we enjoy each other’s company, just like Naru and me.”

“Very well, Serenity. But remember what I said, and if he looks like he might feel something more than friendship I want you to come to me right away. Understood?”

“Understood, mother, I shall let you know if that happens,” she lied , unsure how things would pan out with Diamond. The Moon Princess wanted to know love and would do so whether it was acceptable or no. He might not love her, and she might find she didn’t care for him. But she was determined to find out and if not, then she would seek out another.

Queen Serenity paused for a moment considering her child’s response and took her at her word, but was worried nonetheless. “You may go now my daughter,” she smiled, kissing the top of Serenity’s head.

“Thank you mother,” she bowed , careful not to look her mother in the eye and departed, and moved at a hurried pace along the corridor, Luna and Artemis in their human forms looking after her shaking their heads.


Only when she came to the rotunda was she truly in her own little world. One other would share it with her this day. So beautiful he was. Serenity felt a secret fire flare to life inside her rushing through her lithe body like liquid fire at the mere thought of seducing the young prince, her prince. She was nervous. Her curiosity would finally be sated. She would make sure of that. After today, nothing would ever be as it was.

She smiled as he came to sit by her side, their legs dangling over the edge of the wall. He looked preoccupied.

“Trouble?” she muttered, snuggling up to Diamond, he arched an eyebrow and tweaked her nose and ruffled her hair.

“Yes my fair Bunny, my family is upset with your mother. Our moon is being pulled out of orbit and the Ginzuishou is rejecting us. Not the first time this has happened to a Lunarian satellite. Remember Hera, you read of its fate yesterday, the moon of aquamarine light Thrown out of the ancient accord some Hundreds of thousands of years past, but you get the point. The Ginzuishou has expelled six all up, and now…”

“No, how can she do this to you and our allies? They need us!” she said, the indignation rising to meet his own.

Diamond hugged her then, her head now resting upon his shoulder. He stroked her soft tresses. He liked the comfort it offered and knew she did, too. Her long lashes caressing her cheeks, a sweet smile of contentment upon her beautiful face. He would cherish this moment always and how she was right now, for he didn’t know when he would next have an opportunity to be with her like this. His heart swelled.

“Nemesis is now orbiting Mars. Lord Aries and Queen Agni are sympathetic to our cause. I don’t understand any of it, why is your mother being so unfair. It is so petty and you know why?”

“No, please tell me, I want to know, really,” she was looking into his eyes now. Serenity took his hand, and rested it upon her thigh. He stiffened, then relaxed, a smile now lighting up his face.

“I knew it was a good idea to talk to you. Though you are not as knowledgeable of such things, you have a keen mind. I am impressed you and Naru are studying your history together. That, in my opinion counts in your favor. My parents are also impressed,” he turned away, a hint of a blush betraying his feelings, she pulled his hand into her lap and nodded for him to continue. He blushed again. She was almost convinced he’d always possess that red tint if he kept this up and grinned. “My parents have asked for your hand, for us to be conjoined.”

“They did!” she gasped, tightening her grip.

“Yes, and I would have been so happy this day if your mother had agreed. But alas, she has refused to grant her assent.”

“How dare she interfere with our lives and our feelings for one another. I may be young and inexperienced but I want a say in this.”

“But Bunny, we can’t go against-“

She wrenched her hand from his, the anger pouring off her in waves and slid off the wall. Her skirts riding up the backs of her legs revealing her underwear and this made him blush once again. But she hadn’t seen, her back to him; so mad was she over her mother’s refusal to grant their request.

She spun around. “Don’t you want me?”

“Of course I do, but…”

“I want you, I think I might even love you, doesn’t that count for anything?”

He slid off the wall and came to stand behind her, setting his palms on her shoulders, aware of her sobs wracking her body. He spun her around and kissed her hard on the lips. Pushing past her yielding lips, thrusting his tongue into her mouth she flung her arms around his neck and gave herself to his spontaneous assault upon her full lips.

She felt so warm and lovely in his arms, he had wanted to do that for so long. He kissed her neck and began to trace soft kisses upon her cleavage. “Sorry,” he mumbled, pausing to look up into her bejeweled eyes.

“I want you to keep going, wherever this takes us.” She breathed, clinging to his sumptuous white locks, inhaling his scent.

He looked at her in puzzlement. Serenity took his hand and led him up the steps of the rotunda in silence. She stood in the center of the small chamber, and untied her Odango. She let her hair fall and sat on the wall facing him. Drawing up her knees so her skirts revealed her bare legs. Smiling, he sat by her side, just looking at the pale pink of her silken skin that glowed in the afternoon sunlight. With the tip of his finger, he ran it between her clenched thighs, unpeeling her sculpted limbs apart and gasped at their texture and fragrance, like vanilla. He moved to the down adorning her virginal flower and found it moist and hot as he explored her. She dug her fingernails into her palms as unfamiliar surges of pleasure consumed her. His touch, where he had ventured with tender fingertips had, at first made her giggle. She had thought it odd, thought he had lost his senses. Serenity knew nothing of love play but it felt so nice.

“I have seen mother delight in this touching, and I know you will love it too.”

“Soooo, it is… very pleasant. I do like it, but my clothes and undergarments will…”

“Let me help you,” the young prince offered as Serenity blushed and lay back as he pulled off her underclothes. Trembling with amorous desire, she giggled and sighed as Diamond did something else strange to her. He started kissing her inner thighs, suckling on their soft flesh and she groaned with the pleasure of it. Then, she laughed as he moved between her legs.

“I-I have seen father do something to mother and I would like to try. Do you trust me?”

“So long as it is painless,” Serenity said, unsure, but she let him.

Tracing a finger down her arm, he licked a drop of sweat from beneath her breasts and ran his tongue over the mounds of blossoming fruit and she giggled. Lying back, her legs splayed she waited, her body on fire.

‘What on the moon is he going to do?’

“Close your eyes Sugar Bunny, this is magic and very special. Secret love magic!” he said, his voice husky.

It tickled. “That’s silly Diamond, but it feels nice, too, you know far more about adult things than is good for you I am sure,” she said, blushing.

She squealed and jumped at first, not understanding. But relaxed as he concentrated on the soft flesh of her inner thighs once more, but this time he was much closer to her sex and her skin was hypersensitive. Careful to make sure that every muscle, each portion of flesh that beat a path to his ultimate goal was ready, he moved in on the maiden bloom, the sweetest flower. He had his fill. She gasped, winding her legs around his shoulders, her senses sizzling with rapture. Serenity had to bite her lip, as her orgasms peaked, lighting up the rotunda as the Ginzuishou within flared bright as the sun. She felt so fantastic, like a Goddess, and a woman.

“What are you doing to me, I am mush in your hands, yours to do with as you will!”

“What, and you’re complaining sugar bunny?” he chuckled, now massaging her thighs and making her swoon.

“Oh no, not complaining, just wanting to find out more about this… Oh, I-“

The material they called soft sky; her bright blue dress a collage of silk layers and moon-cotton ruffles gave way to long legs that clamped Diamond within their tight embrace. She propped herself up to see more of the ritual she had never thought possible let alone would enjoy so much and began stroking his hair. “You are like a cat that has found the cream, my love,” she gasped as his ministrations once more found their mark. “I want you! I love you!”

He stood up, reached behind her, and unfastened her bodice. As it, fell away to reveal her nubile glory he licked his lips. Her golden abundance flowing over her shoulders, she looked to him like the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on and stared in wonder at her beauty.

Prince Diamond, the first to touch her, to see her, Serenity, the Crown Princess this way and she blushed. He was doing the strangest things to her and wondered if this magic, this fire in her abdomen was natural, such was its lustful torrent. Serenity began to cry, not from sadness, but from the magic of love and sex, and its secrets revealed.

“Sugar Bunny, it’s all right,” he said, both concerned but aroused and on the edge of the abyss of surrender.

“No, I’m not upset. I am happy, I’m just so overwhelmed how beautiful you are and at what my body is doing to me, what you, my dearest prince are doing to and for me.”

“Bunny, you are so pretty, more lovely than your mother, the queen!” he pronounced with a bold assurance that would have seemed treacherous coming from anyone else. But not Diamond.

“You really think so?” she breathed, bowing her head so her curtain of soft gold poured over budding breasts and her firm stomach and she looked up and grinned. “And you, are much more handsome than father, though I should say as he had died in the Orion War, he would not mind if you now bear this honor and walk in his footsteps.”

Serenity stepped forward, naked now after he had pealed the dress from her rounded hips, her young body advancing upon an emergent woman rising from the apex of the flower that was Princess Serenity. The princess overwhelmed him as she placed small hands upon his bare chest. She felt the muscles, the youthful contours of a gangly lad and she paused over his heart, the thundering organ inside his boyish frame beating as loud as her own did. She leaned forward, the action tentative at first, and her kitten-like tongue lapped at the spot where she supposed his heart was. However, she had not stopped there.

Serenity ran her hands down to his smooth stomach in a slow sensual motion, his body firm but also very smooth. She reached for his trousers and he stirred, now the prince was frightened and she didn’t care as something warm and moist was trickling down between her legs as she shook with the new orgasms, these more powerful than before and though this scared her, it excited her. It was as if a youma had possessed her hands, as he stood naked before her, his mouth agape. Serenity felt the power of her desire, the hardness of this beautiful boy-man pushing her over the edge.

She purred, “Do you wish me to stop, Diamond, name your pleasure and show me more!”

“I- Eeeee?” he was unable to speak, he ran his hands through her hair and could barely speak the words, “Kiss it, I mean, whatever you want.”

She flushed again, and began to feel the throbbing insistence of the stem of his want for her and she did as he asked, sighing with the sensation and though aroused something told her to pull back.

“I want to feel it like this…” she wanted him between her legs, and though she had known a little of how moon bunnies and other creatures mated, she knew they enjoyed it and had watched fascinated and thought it the most magical thing in the universe. Diamond was here, and she was his bunny and she wanted him as her mate. “Let me help you, like this.”

She clenched her thighs tight, feeling the hot poker of need intensifying her passion. Then she lay back on her cloak, opened her legs, and pulled him to her.

“Diamond, oh Diamond, kiss me and let me reach for it “ he frowned, for he was enjoying his ministrations on her vulva and soon yielded and he knelt between her thighs, his long white tresses making him beautiful. “You have a funny look on your face, like a moon tiger!”

“Do you like my expression?” he asked, unsure.

“Mmm, hmmm…” She was concentrating, the look on her face almost making him chuckle. She looked so adorable. The princess bit her lip and gripped his hips. She was so strong. Diamond felt as if he was in the grip of a giantess. But his little Sugar Bunny had wanted to prepare herself for this penultimate moment. “I am wet enough… now!” she sighed, kissing him hard, their tongues dancing. Serenity adjusted her posture to reveal the depths of her, he then felt himself wrenched inside her. After a brief thrust, more from her than himself, he detected the scent of virgin blood as the banks of her innocence burst. His Sugar Bunny squealed, then went limp in his arms.

Oh, he ‘d killed her, he thought he honestly had until she locked her legs around him and started making odd sounds, like a moon rabbit. He chuckled, he knew then her knowledge of sex had come from observing her symbol, the Lunarian Rabbit during mating season, and he surrendered to the sea of passion that followed. Diamond felt himself move in a slow, but sure manner within the princess.

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