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Daydreams Come True by magicsmith Story NC17 Bleach  
Some daydreams come true. Some daydreams fail. The Soul Society arc seen from different characters perspectives. Angst, romance, and bad puns. IchixRukia, UraharaxYoruichi, GinxRan.
Different Circumstances by Orionshadow Story NC17 Bleach  
Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto interrupts Captain Kenpachi while he is bathing to deliver a message. He takes advantage of the situation, and her.
* A Thorough Study by gryvon Story NC17 Fullmetal Alchemist  
Ed turns his academic skills to studying seduction. Roy/Ed yaoi.
* Touch by Stormlight Story NC17 Fushigi Yugi  
She loved him, she knew she did. So why was she dreaming of another man?
* Hungry Like the Wolf by Covenmouse Story NC17 Gundam Wing  
All Duo had wanted was to try out a new recipe. [one shot; 2x5; yaoi]
* Embracing Darkness by Aeryn Story NC17 Harry Potter  
Rocking summons the temporary Darkness that I slip into at the end of the day. But what else is there? After what they have done to me, there is nothing else I can do. I am weak; I admit it. I can no longer fight them off. I was left in my diminutive cell to rot after they captured us. But they have decided against allowing us to just simply die; t...
* Anyone Would Drown by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Harry Potter  
There is a kind of darkness that no nightmare can dredge from the recesses of the unwounded mind. A twisted, bleeding filth that oozes out of madness and stains the righteous. Hermione Granger feels as though she has become one of the soiled.
* Between Ruin and Salvation by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Harry Potter  
It was only one second. One second where Remus took his eyes off Harry to stare at the rigid body of his last best friend falling through the veil. One second where he heard James’s son too late, where he wasn’t fast enough to catch him. Then Harry ran through the veil.
* Marigold by Kihin Ranno Vignette NC17 Harry Potter  
A walk along the lake where skirts get blown up in the wind.
* Painting the Moon Black by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Harry Potter  
He’s not the one you want, and he’s not the one you really need. But he’s the one you take because you can.
* Seamus Finnigan: Gryffinwhore by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Harry Potter  
Seamus Finnigan was a horny bastard.
* Shower Time by Kihin Ranno Vignette NC17 Harry Potter  
Written for Queerditch Pub - Regulus/Remus/Sirius: Showers. You have been warned.
* Sweatin’ to the Voldies by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Harry Potter  
The-Boy-Who-Lived has become The-Boy-Who-Ate, and his girlfriend just can’t take it anymore. After Ginny leaves Harry for presumably slimmer pastures, Harry realizes that if he has any chance of getting her back, he’s going to have to get fit quick. It’s really just his bad luck that a certain pale, pointy bastard owns the only wizard gym i...
* The Ones Who Watch by Kihin Ranno Vignette NC17 Harry Potter  
Narcissa when Bellatrix thinks she’s asleep. Black-cest.
* Pink Cotton Knickers by Naamah Story NC17 Harry Potter  
Fred and George get dention with a prissy little Ravenclaw. What happens when she finds herself in a bind and needs their help.
* Frenzy by Nephthys Moon Vignette NC17 Harry Potter  
Nothing exists but the moment.
* Too Far Away To Touch by Nephthys Moon Story NC17 Harry Potter  
Seamus never quite imagined that Hermione would be so adventurous.
* Desolate Beauty by ScarlettShannon Story NC17 Harry Potter  
During the events leading up to the Final Battle, Harry and Draco find a quiet moment to contemplate and to share strength.
* Ignore That Feeling Deep Down Inside by vegetasbubble Story NC17 Harry Potter  
Draco Malfoy has been getting those tingly feelings a seventeen year old gets in his pants whenever Hermione Granger looks at him. After a week of furious wanking, he finally decides to do something about it.
* Duck Soup by superkate Story NC17 House  
With only one drink, House thinks going out with his fellows is a bad idea. With three drinks, he changes his mind entirely.
* Itemized Lists by superkate Story NC17 House  
House makes a very interesting list.
* Then, Now, Eventually by superkate Story NC17 House  
The past, present, and future have a certain evolution, and most the battle is just getting there.
Into The Night by Eternal Eyes Story NC17 Inuyasha  
It felt like a dream, the best she's ever had but she knew it was real. It was very real. She was afraid but soon found she couldn't resist.
Soothing by Kats Story NC17 Inuyasha  
Adult!Rin/Sesshomaru. Post-series set up of a valid excuse for a more expression of their adult relationship.
* Relaxation 101 by LordRandallsLady Story NC17 Inuyasha  
Kagome is reminded there is more than one way to relieve stress.
Egg Belly by cloverfield Story NC17 Mahou Sensei Negima!  
As most things do, it started with sex. Of course, there was more to it than that, but the thing everyone remembers is that there was sex involved at one point or another. Involving Setsuna, Konoka and the class of 6A.
* The Way We Are by stella_bomb Story NC17 Naruto  
After returning to Konoha, Sasuke finds himself spending his nights with Sakura on a whim. Although the time they spend together is intimate, it seems their relationship has hit a gray area.
* Forbidden, Fleeting, Festering by AngelMoon Girl Story NC17 NCIS  
Ziva drives Tony home following their undercover stint as married assassins, but the unresolved sexual tension between them refuses to stay smoldering on the doorstep.
Knight Thunder Chronicles by PrincessReimeiko Story NC17 Original Fiction  
In a time present with danger, criminals, and deceit, a world in present turmoil cried out for help. She was Knight Thunder, the daughter of Thor continuing her father's legacy of protection and defense. She journyed the universe, battling the forces of the evil Darkonian Empire and over the years making her hero form a universal legend. She is as ...
* Ex Cinis Cineris: Intermezzo by regie Story NC17 RahXephon  
Haruka finds herself at home pleasantly accompanied.
* Glory Days by Horosha Story NC17 Ranma 1/2  
This series takes place after the botched wedding at the Tendo compound. Ranma ends up in a fight with Mousse where Akane is killed. He finds a way to save her life but at a price. Most of the story is about Ranma's acceptance of his willing sacrifice and the adjustment of others to new circumstances.
Laws of the Wolf by Acc2787 Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Enishi has taken over the pack and has set his sights on Kaoru. In orde to save herself and her pack she must leave to become a lone wolf. Will Kenshin find her before it is to late or will Enishi get his way.
* Frustrations by Acc2787 Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Kenshin and Kaoru are sexually frustrated because Kenji keeps having night terrors due to Sano and Yahiko telling him ghost stories. Now they are up every night trying to comfort their adorable four year old instead of getting some much need alone time. What lengths will Kenshin and Kaoru go for sex
White Wing Bloody Heart by Koneko Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Kaoru is a demon hunter. She has the ability to find and merge her mind with supernatural beings. One night, strange dreams begin to hunt her and with the help of her friends, she tries to find this being, whitch is trying so desperatly to contact her. What she finds in a sealed cave far inside a mountain is not what she expected.
* Ensnared by LordRandallsLady Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Running from a past she can barely remember, Kaoru hides in a city full of wolves only to find herself hunted once more.
End Game by Mafuyuhotaru Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
AU. Year: 2002. Place: Chicago, IL. After the death of her mother, Kaoru comes to the States, accepting an open invitation from an uncle she has never met. Her move sets up the pieces for a cruel and terrifying game of ghosts and ghouls that will change her life forever. KaoruxSaitou
Amber Linings by Ravyn Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Kamiya Kaoru finds herself trapped in a war between the mortal and immortal, a war for greed, power, lust and control. Trapped by a fanged amber eyed man who has not only claimed her, but dominance over her soul, her body and possibly her heart. Darkfic.
* Little One by Ravyn Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
After a bargain for her freedom goes awry, Kaoru finds herself bound to her cousin's husband. She is taken to his country to save her life. However, an old danger awaits... BK
* Path to Desire by Ravyn Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Sometimes your dreams don't alway come as you expect, and have there own consequences.
* Shadowed Gray by Ravyn Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
Recovering from an accident, Kaoru finds herself not only dealing with injuries that have left her temporarily blind… but with a vampire whose attentions she doesn’t quite know what to make of. One shot. B/K.
Walk Another Road by surrenderdammit Story NC17 Rurouni Kenshin  
A collection of KenKao drabbles set in different universes, varying in ratings and themes. Originally posted on my LJ.
For the Love of Venus by alizeP Story NC17 Sailormoon  
The story of Minako & Kunzite and the beginning of an affair. She was betrothed to him by her father, but can she love him? Or are the stories about him true? Not the best summary although about the best couple!
* One Dark and Perverted Night by AngelMoon Girl Story NC17 Sailormoon  
It all started out as a harmless game... The four Inner Senshi are dared by Haruka to spend one night staked out in Mamoru's closet without being caught. Simple enough, right? Too bad no one expected Usagi to show up at Mamoru's apartment later that evening with naughty intentions in mind. Or that Minako forgot to use the bathroom before...
* Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) by His lordship Chaos Story NC17 Sailormoon  
It's epic! It's brilliant! A bunch of authors conspire together and try to figure out how they can talk the Senshi into doing a lemon fanfic! The plot goes downhill from there...
* Still Pretty Fly (For A Hentai) by His lordship Chaos Story NC17 Sailormoon  
It's the fanfic that even the "cease and desist" orders couldn't stop! With a whole new group of authors/victims in tow, His lordship Chaos decides to write a sequel fanfic that will spoof even more Sailormoon lemon cliches. Unfortunately, things go awry when an oversexed ChibiChibi escapes into Tokyo, and the authors have to put a stop to her hent...
House of the Holy by Horosha Story NC17 Sailormoon  
What if Sailor Senshi are big fans of fanfics based on them. As such they find a series called Sailor V: The Dark Adventures of the Sailor Scouts. One thing leads to another and even the pure of heart can be tempted.
* A Girl's Best Friend by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
When alcohol and diamonds mix, a good time can be had by all.
* Brilliant Idea by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Rei is not so open to Minako's supposedly brilliant ideas.
* Consumed by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Adonis is trapped, caged, and no matter how he submitted himself, he had no choice in the matter.
* Destiny of a Lie by Kihin Ranno Vignette NC17 Sailormoon  
A reunion turns out to pinpoint the root of the problem.
* Flesh of the Butterfly by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Lethe and Papillon have their own little indulgences.
* Making Up’s the Best Part by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
On a vacation to the hot springs, Minako finally confronts Rei about her behavior following their tryst.
* Rain, Rain Go Away by Kihin Ranno Vignette NC17 Sailormoon  
Come again another day.
* Requiem for a Princess by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Zoisite finds more than he was looking for when he plays his deadly masterpiece, "Reqieum for a Princess."
* The Choice by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Venus and Kunzite are faced with a decision that could have devastating ramifications for their lieges, their planets, and their hearts.
* What Friends Are For by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Usagi wasn’t the sort of person who came up with brilliant, innovative, or even passable ideas. She left those things up to her friends, who tended to be smarter or more creative than she, and she was happy to do it. She enjoyed seeing people she loved succeed; honestly, she probably derived more joy from being an observer rather than a partici...
* Worth the Wait by Kihin Ranno Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Endymion feels as though he has been waiting a lifetime for it.
Beryl Returns by Loki Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Summary If the timeline was fractured, granting Beryl a chance to resolve old scores, how might it pan out?
* Estella: Hino Rei’s story by Loki Story NC17 Sailormoon  
This is the journey of the daughter of Mars, her rising as the phoenix from the ashes to become a champion of justice seeking healing, unity with her friends and to punish her cruel overlords.
Forbidden Tryst: Rose and the Fiery Bloom by Loki Story NC17 Sailormoon  
When one wakes from a beautiful dream to find it gone can we find love again upon the new dawn? This, for Endymion is what he faces as a new bloom emerges in his life, will he take a chance?
My Love My Nemesis by Loki Story NC17 Sailormoon  
What if there was another reason for the fall of the Silver Millennium? What does it all mean for the future?
Infatuation by Mitchy Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Serena meets with her estranged husband after 7 years and soon realizes her infatuation hasn’t died.
Silver and Steel by Nephthys Moon Story NC17 Sailormoon  
The vagaries of Fate and Time are impossible to predict; a single wish can change the course of both, and often does.
* Art of Sexual War by Starsea Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Jadeite has to plan things carefully in order to get what he wants.
* Moonlight Tryst by Starsea Vignette NC17 Sailormoon  
A midnight encounter. Written for the sm_monthly LJ community "Smut" challenge.
* Wish Fulfillment by Starsea Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Kunzite finds a welcome visitor in his bedroom and Venus finally gets her wish. Sequel to "Can't Change The Inevitable".
* The Waste Land by superkate Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Minako rarely speaks about the days before Tokyo, the days before the Sailor Team. But there's a darker side to the story, as Minako was "London's Lass", Sailor V, and had promise and talent... And darkness and loss.
* Moonshine by VO1 Story NC17 Sailormoon  
"Don't move." Slow crawl through duty and friendship finally culminating in a single event. Venus/Kunzite in Silver Millennium.
* Night Games by VO1 Story NC17 Sailormoon  
The King of Dark Tokyo seeks nightly distractions from his lost love. There is one who can almost make that happen.
* Points of Light by VO1 Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Serenity grants Mars release, from her vow of chastity, and for something else.
* Voyeur by VO1 Story NC17 Sailormoon  
Serenity in the SM has some questions, and not the kind you ask out loud. There's only one way to find out. Very NC17.
* I Touch You by twiknham Story NC17 Sensual Phrase  
Aine finally gets to fulfill several of her secret fantasies.
* Tears of Separation by twiknham Story NC17 Sensual Phrase  
Aine has given up her freedom for Sakuya's life. Will he let her go or will he fight for their love?
* The Hidden Music of Atsuro Kiryuu by twiknham Story NC17 Sensual Phrase  
Atsuro leaves the concert to find a present in his dressing room.
* Sight the King by olesia Story NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh!  
After Yuugi wakes up at the scene of a crime with blood on his hands and a voice in his head, there's only one thing he can do: Run.
* Victory by olesia Story NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh!  
Bakura Ryou transfers to Domino High School on the day Yuugi would solve the Millennium Puzzle. The Dark Bakura takes advantage of the situation.
* Loved Skin by atorasu Story NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s  
Yuusei works from dawn to dusk and then to dawn again... Crow gives him a hand.
* Origin of Satisfaction by atorasu Story NC17 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s  
In which naps are had among other things and Jack Atlas actually ponders long and hard about something.

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