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My Love My Nemesis by Loki

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Oh my child

Will we stand the trials that befall us and find our way back to each other

The rose once beautiful

Your heart, sweet child, ablaze with golden light now extinguished by the hands of doom

Imprisoned by the vacant stare of death’s ruthless ruler

Dark flower with hair of fire, you remember me not, for I am your loving mother

I remember the soft infant and child I gave suckle

A bright light snuffed out much too soon

One day, my lovely little princess, I shall forge my mother’s heart into a beacon to find you


Glider en route to Pluto

“Oh I am glad we do not have to deal with absent gravity thresholds? Umino, is that what you call them?” Bunny grimaced at the thought of having to perform her daily ablutions in zero gravity.

Naru, seeing the expression on her face handed Bunny a bit of Lunarian chocolate and took a piece for herself and Umino. “Mmm, yes, I think it would be a prospect I’d rather not think about too much. But, I do like the idea of sleeping afloat!” Naru mused.

“That is until you hit your nose on the ceiling Naru,” Umino laughed, as she tickled him.

“I can think of other parts of the anatomy that might not fair well the same way, dear Umi!”

“You two are amazing. I think I’d gone mad days ago without you both here for company. But, I’m going to take a short nap, carry on; don’t mind me. I can sleep through a meteor storm!” she chuckled as Umino gave the salute of the Shitennou/Senshi to ward off any possible interstellar bad weather.

She hadn’t stopped thinking about Diamond since her opening up to Naru, nor could she stop thinking about their unborn child. Bunny loved the sensation of the infant’s gentle kicking that made both Naru and Umino smile and share in her joy. She even loved the extra weight of her daughter inside, her hands moving over her bulge evermore pronounced of late. The princess, young and strong knew it wouldn’t have taken much longer before her mother started to suspect she was pregnant.

Serenity had made a point of stuffing food and snacks into her mouth whenever her mother was about; Luna, and Artemis would roll their eyes as she devoured the kitchen’s cakes, breads and delicious pastries with abandon.

“Serenity! Don’t you ever do nothing else but eat! Look at you, you look like the Terran home world you’re putting on so much weight. At any rate, I must urge you to do more exercise!” she whined and shook her head as Serenity put on her best pout. “What on the moon am I to do with you daughter?”

“Perhaps our rotund princess might serve as a decoy for the alliance and allow us to win any battle against an opponent with ease, they’d just bounce off that belly of yours child!” Luna giggled.

Turning red, she giggled too, not for what was said, but how she had so successfully managed to deceive them all. Although she did feel bad about that, it couldn’t be helped given the circumstances. In short, the plan had worked. The memory made her giggle.

She sighed. So much to think about on the long trip to the icy kingdom of Pluto.

Umino was a good conversationalist and Naru was hanging on every word. However, as intelligent as he was, the talk of war and of science and all that technical babble was tiring and she soon dozed off, riding upon the crests of her random thoughts.

She remembered her last few days back home. She had to deal with an irate diplomat from Terra. Jaku-Sha-Kenji, the man was positively annoying, pushing all her buttons and treating her like a little girl. She had taken a tantrum, and the infuriating envoy was chuckling under his breath.

“Oh princess, you are going to make my liege’s day an amusing one. I trust you will read the list. I am a patient man, so I will just sit on the window seat and await your response. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t know it, your mother has granted me carte blanche to have you answer every question.” His robes were the customary sky-blue with the orb of the blue pearl emblazon on the left side of his chest. He was a kindly looking man. His skin good, his nails a shimmering aquamarine. The lacquer bringing a nice contrast with his raiment. His long sandy hair he kept brushing out of his eyes would, under other circumstances seem almost endearing if not for his insufferable disposition.

“Want my soul, too, Lord Kenji? You’re not my father, and I won’t forget this little inquisition. But I will do as you ask. If only to get you out of my sight!” she hissed, feeling a little out of sorts that morning; her breasts were sore and she was in a foul mood.

“Oooh, temper-temper child. If I were your father, and thank the Kamis I am not…” he raised his hand for silence, “I’ve not finished yet, I will be back a week from today as we are arranging a meeting between yourself and the Terran Royal Family here on the moon. Both Endymion and yourself will be expected to expedite your courtship in double-quick-time, as there is a civil war taking place in the capital and its territories and we need this alliance and so do your people.”

Serenity sobered, “My Lord, my apologies, but it is that bad on Terra?”

“I’m afraid so,” he sighed, Kenji’s demeanor changing the instant he detected the princess had slipped into her royal mode and dropped the precocious adolescent. “Endymion is in the city of Myola, it is safer there and his parents will soon be coming to the moon to meet with you.”

Serenity nodded and smiled, “Thank you Lord Kenji, now the first question, ballroom dancing? I am reasonable at the dance. But I must practice with Lord Artemis? Oh, and this I think is quaint,” she giggled, watching Kenji’s eyes double in size as she waved off his gesticulations. He then realized she was teasing him and relaxed. She continued, “I certainly do not mean any disrespect, quite the contrary actually. It’s because I have mastered this skill from an early age, likely, because mother and Solaris had planned this betrothal long ago. I am, as you know, of marriageable age. So, I won’t disappoint on that score, Lord Kenji.”

“Good, now next…”

At the end of the session, she had satisfied his requirements and then a date was set as was a schedule. He scribbled with a brisk stroke of the crystal quill on the parchment, and set aside the writing instrument having completed his notes and pushed the document across the desk for her perusal. Smiling now, she downloaded a copy of the document into the crystal pod and slipped it out of its cradle.

“There! All done!” she breathed, brushing her hand through an odango that poured over her chest while pondering something she wanted to ask, but couldn’t quite remember what it was. Shrugging, she sighed and ceased biting her lip.

“That is all, princess; thank you for your cooperation and forbearance. I shall see you to the garden. Your mother is waiting for us there,” he smiled and they both rose as Serenity handed him the crystal pod and offered her hand, which he tucked into the crook of his arm and off they went.

They walked in companionable silence into the botanical gardens of the Lunarian palace, and stopped to take in the scenery. The birds were singing, a pleasant breeze delivering a potpourri of floral perfumery as both she and the envoy breathed in these fragrant blessings; it was magic.

“You have a most lovely garden, child. I always love coming here and am fortunate to be spending some more time here upon Endymion’s visit.”

“Yes, Lord Jaku-Sha-Kenji, I look forward to it and I apologize for my attitude earlier. I feel a little out of sorts this day, you know…”

“Say no more, child. I have served as guardian of several young people at court, many young women. I am relieved all of them are in Myola City right now and safe for the moment. The Myolan Oracle has spoken of testing times ahead for us all. I fear she may be right.”

“An oracle? Pray tell, what else has she said?”

“She has spoken of a fracturing of the timeline and of events that should not have entered our universe, but as with all things, there is a price to be exacted. I cannot speak more of it Serenity, dear as I have already said too much. But be brave and trust your family and the power of the Ginzuishou and the love of the Oberisku no Shoujo,” he breathed, shaking himself, as if a cat, the mental image making Serenity smile.

“If she has warned us, then surely we should know of it? Has mother been informed of the oracle’s words?”

“Yes, of course, that was part of my brief, child.” They began walking along the picturesque leafy corridors and moving towards the fountain where a statue of her grandmother and her sister, the Lady Dianara, Naru’s mother, and Serenity’s grandfather towered over the Lunarian palms.

“By the Kamis I love this place,” she heard herself whisper.

“As do I, though you are far more intimate with its charms, princess,” Kenji breathed, looking at the violet blooms and pausing to inhale and plucked one for Serenity and her mother and an extra bloom. Serenity inhaled the heady sent and sighed in pleasure and they continued on their way.

Closing her eyes, the sounds of their footfalls creating a nice ambiance against the sounds of the garden, she thought about what she'd been told.

Kenji patted her bare arm, “Child, this is where I must leave you, and I must say, the lady Venus is more beautiful than I had first thought. Fashion is a wonder and pleasant surprise,” he whispered, grinning like a loon; his eyes riveted to a figure a little ahead of them. Recovering himself he spoke once more, “So, all be well with you, Serenity. Please give this bloom with the blessings of the Terran Kingdom to Lady Venus. Until next we meet.”

She took the violet flower from his manicured hands and nodded. “Thank you my Lord, I look forward to it, safe journey home.”

“Thank you, child.” He bowed and returned the way he had come.

Serenity lifted her eyes, and gasped in surprise. Beside her mother was a lovely woman, one she knew as one of her new guardians, but never had Serenity seen her dressed this way. She was almost naked. The skirt and bodice of her uniform -- if that’s what it was – was certainly daring and made Serenity blush as she tried not to stare at the golden skin of the Venusians’ bared arms and legs.

Chuckling, the orange clad warrior winked and bowed. “I know it is not an outfit you’re accustomed to seeing here on the moon, my lady. But all Senshi wear these and they’re practical and the men love them of course, and women are so jealous of our fashion license.” She giggled, the sound making Serenity feel at ease. She couldn’t help but smile back. “I am, as you know, Princess Minako of Venus, or Sailor Venus when in warrior mode.”

“I must admit it will take a little getting used to, but where are the others?” Serenity found herself asking.

“Well there’s Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus and another amongst our company, Saturn and of course, Sailor Jupiter attending a conference or some such thing in the Jovian capital. I left early to meet you ahead of our formal introduction later this week. As you know, we’ve all visited the palace and spent quality time with you exploring Serenity City. We adore your world. You’ve come to know us a little better. But once we’re appointed your guardians, the new alliance will be signed and we will defend you against any enemy and give our lives if necessary.”

“You’d do all that for me? I must say, that is one amazing commitment. I don’t know what to say!”

“Sere, if I may be so bold,” she giggled.

“Bunny will do, but Sere is okay too, only my friends call me Bunny and I think you and I will be good friends!” she proclaimed, bowing to Venus as her mother smiled approvingly upon the two young women.

“Well then, Bunny… Bunny it is!” They laughed.

Serenity was happy to get to know these girls, but she was also mindful of her plans to leave the moon, knowing they’d have to be extra careful to make good their getaway in the modified glider Umino had secured from Diamond. Venus grinned, it was as if she knew something, but did she? Pluto was the only princess who knew of their plans, but Venus always seemed to know more than she let on, or did she? Serenity was beginning to feel she was much too paranoid. But the Venusian princess was more than she seemed. If she had suspected anything regarding her relationship with Diamond, she had not spoken of it, as she’d know about it from her mother and the Mauan Guardians. Serenity visibly relaxed and they continued their social intercourse.

“Venus, I think it will be interesting to get to know you all and I look forward to it with enthusiasm,” she replied, beaming.


Serenity continued to doze and after falling asleep, she woke refreshed as Naru brought her a bowl of soup.

“You look great, Bunny!”

“Thank you, Naru! I’m hungry, and this time, it’s not to hide Acura!” she giggled and slurped at her soup, her eyes closed in ecstasy, the image making Naru and Umino grin.

“Umino, any idea how long it will be before we arrive in the Plutonean capital?” the princess asked, with a sigh as she stared out of the viewport.

“Only two hours now, princess,” The young Shitennou replied.

Umino had signed up for service at the Eastern Temple on Terra, and had to admire the grand chamber and its murals, the sculpted firestone pillars and the colorful hieroglyphics and statuary. Umino was especially proud to be a Shitennou recruit when Lord Jadeite had inducted them into the House of Fire. Umino had excelled in strategy and science, his specialty.

“I hope mother won’t fret, my excuse was, if nothing else, a little limp,” Serenity said, her expression rueful as she stared out at the constellations.

“Your mother thinks you’re a Lunarian piglet as opposed to a Bunny,” Naru giggled, winking at her gob smacked friend.

“Piglet! I am a rounded Bunny thank you very much! Humph!”

“Well Lady Daphne will look after you and the baby when we arrive, and Umino and I will be in the next room so we’re only a few steps away and you’ll be fine, trust me. And don’t forget, Lady Setsuna will be there as she is also with child. When your Diamond sees you he will be so proud!”

“I know, but I miss him, and just to know we will be together after I had thought all was lost is more than I could have wished for, believe me I am ecstatic. I had thought I’d be bringing up Acura alone until he contacted me with the fabulous news!”


Terran Kingdom

The twilit was a sickly yellow. It clung to the buildings with a quiet desperation. The Terran capital gave the impression it was sinking into night as if dragged down by a rapacious illness. Beryl thought it resembled a sentient acid rain that drenched a vast graveyard, eating away at the monuments to the dead, erasing the glyphs and murals dedicated to their memories by loved ones, a city plunged into a state of desolation until nothing of consequence remained.

Beryl’s befuddled mind was filled with images that frightened and made little sense to her. Fragments of a life she could not recall: Faces, places, perfumes, and other such things haunted her dreams and waking visions. She recalled the lilting refrain of music and a dark haired girl playing the crystal harp. The sky-blue dress of the princess, quite pretty. Beryl thought she harkened from a world called Mercury, but couldn’t be sure.

Why was she seeing all this? Was she a slave or courtier to this grand palace and its venerable guests? She lamented the passing of the pretty images and the magical things of which she would but catch a glimpse and it would be gone. What it all meant, Beryl couldn't say. But after her dark mentor, Metalia's visit the previous night, she had begun to dream again. She was frightened by the monsters and the death she saw, fleeting snapshots of things she had done. Then she saw him, the man in black robes with red glowing eyes whom bade her do things that made her cry upon waking. She was slipping into the darkness. She could do nothing. The power Metalia imposed upon her fragile being was just too much for her to fight off; she was losing the battle with each passing day.

With an inexorable sliding motion, Beryl felt the darker side of her nature growing stronger, pushing what remained of the husk of a girl that she once was, deeper into a hopeless abyss.

She remembered a beautiful garden where elegant ladies and handsome men called upon the enchanting woman in a cream velvet robe with sapphire eyes, an abundance of blue pearls adorning her robes scattered with cloud motifs. The powerful woman’s magenta locks flowed over her shoulders and comely form. She was important somehow. Beryl couldn’t place her.

Metallia had taught her how to organize, something she loved. It passed the time. Beryl deployed her raiding parties to steel food, weapons and kill soldiers of the King and Queen on their patrols in the besieged city. But she could not get past the main body of the Terran Guard. But since the Shitennou were not present, away on some diplomatic mission she believed, the battle to gain just that little extra ground was getting far easier to achieve.

She was brought back to the present by the sound of baying hounds, likely the youma. She sat, her chin resting upon her knee, hair blowing in the breeze, atop a marble slab. Bare footed, Beryl’s posture somewhat provocative, but to her consternation, there were no admirers in sight. She sighed, hoisting herself to the paving stones, and she began to move with caution towards the sound.

Youma foot soldiers soon appeared, these forming a protective ring around their mistress as wolf youma encircled a white cat. But before they could harm it, a stream of refracted light emerging from the cat’s jeweled collar dispatched its would-be hunters in short order.

Beryl gasped. She was most impressed by the feline shape shifter and wanted to meet with it and learn about its kind. The cat closed its eyes and assumed the form of a tall man with waist-length snow-white hair. He wore impressive silver body armor and held a crystal sword with a corona of electric blue light shimmering around its edges that unsettled the redhead who faltered in her stride.

He was beautiful Beryl thought, her breath catching in her throat at the sight of the mighty warrior in his silver knee-high boots and she swooned at his powerful build, good looks and his silver cloak fluttering out behind him in the stiff breeze.

“Stranger, warrior!” she heard herself saying, “Face me in battle, or if you wish, join me, and we shall bed and make love and you can lead my army of wraiths!” Beryl said, her eyes now glowing red like those of her mistress as her girlish innocence receded.

“You would challenge a warrior of the Moon Queen?” Lord Artemis shouted back, incredulous that a simple girl, half his height and a fraction of his body weight would be so bold. But he was also shocked at the state of the capital and had been sent to Terra to visit the Lunarian Embassy in Atlantari. But found it in ruin and was making his way along the processional way to the Southern gate that would take him to the palace compound when he found himself set upon by wolf youma and now this girl with the red glowing eyes.

“Do you not desire me, I am strong limbed, fragrant of flesh and I am cognoscente in the art of love magic,” she purred, pirouetting and smiling at the stoic faced Mauan. “I long to know a feline lover, and your ears are adorable, do you have a tail?”

“Silence! You should know better child than to insult a warrior of the Moon Kingdom. Be off with you.” She lived here and likely sold her body to the local vermin for credits or political advantage he mused.

‘This is her realm.’

He noticed movement in the archways to his right, suddenly picking up the telltale acrid scent of the enemy; they were reptilian youma and this young woman was not all she seemed.

Artemis knew this scantily clad girl led these beasts that he hated with a passion; she was a force to be reckoned with, of that, he had no doubt. On the strength of this, Lord Artemis assumed a battle stance.

“What a shame, my Lord. I was looking forward to clamping my thighs around your hips and drawing you deep inside me. But alas, a youma will have to do,” she pouted, and then her body flared with fiery red light and an obsidian sword appeared in her hand.

“Not today, wench! Prepare to die!” Artemis challenged.

The combatants faced each other. Probing one another's defenses. Seeking a weakness to exploit: parrying, spinning and then rushing at each other. The blaze of power so great that the electric blue of the Mauan warrior’s sword and that of the red flowing off Beryl’s dark blade sent ripples of energy that singed one or two of the youma and they retreated out of harm’s way as the battle continued.

‘You’re good, child, but you’re not of this realm.’ Artemis thought as he grunted and watched the leggy girl with sweat pouring off her brow and her breaths coming in short pants and she leapt and swerved to avoid his blade. ‘You’re possessed child. By the Kamis, she is an emissary of the Dark Kingdom as foretold in prophecy. Could it be. Obviously, yes.’ Artemis continued his internal monologue as the fiery blade struck his chest plating, sending sparks in a shower of silvery-blue around them as their swords locked. He would have to be far more careful and not underestimate her abilities. She was so like a Senshi, and reminded him of one of their own back home, Lady Naru.

‘But how! Is this vixen related to Epsilon? She cannot be a Senshi, for there is no crescent or any markings on her brow. No, I'm sure its one of those uncanny resemblances you can’t account for. I must focus!’

“My Lord, you are experienced. Are you as good a lover? I still will leave my offer open, along with my legs. Surrender and I will pleasure you in ways you cannot possibly imagine!” she purred.

“Sorry, not today!” He thrust his blade. A gash appeared on her upper arm. She screamed out in pain and outrage, dropping the weapon. As Artemis prepared to run her through, she vanished.


She was crying. An innocent all over again, seated atop the roof of a nearby building, her legs dangling over the edge of the rooftop; her arm covered in blood. Beryl tried to stem the bleeding as best she could and continued to whimper.

Looking up at his wounded opponent, he had dropped his guard. The result being that he found himself encircled by youma. He cursed himself for allowing Beryl’s escape and subsequent return to an odd kind of innocence to distract him. He had to gather his wits and he went on the offensive, and took on the youma as they lunged, spat venom and came forth in numbers.

“Artemis, do I always have to bail you out of trouble?” Luna laughed, the female warrior, dressed in attire similar to her male compatriot but for the short black skirt and matching cloak and boots, her lavender hair tied back with a yellow bandana; a welcome sight to be sure appeared out of a purple blaze of light. Soon, they’d made light work of the hideous youma.

“Where is she!” he said, peering up at the rooftops of the surrounding buildings.

“Forget the girl… Come along Artemis, we must get to the palace!”

“Luna, I have a bad feeling about all this!”

“So do I,” she breathed, sheathing her sword.

Terran Palace

“Lord Artemis, Lady Luna; my humble apologies on behalf of my wife and myself for the troubles you’ve been having on our account. The Shitennou are away and the attacks have gotten particularly fierce of late. Thank you for the assist. The Lunarian gliders have pushed the enemy back beyond city boundaries once more. Endymion is safe in the Myolan capital and will soon be en route to the Moon Kingdom to meet Serenity.”

“I only hope the line holds. But there is something else going on here and we are worried. On the way here, the Lady Luna and I encountered a red headed girl under the influence of the Dark Kingdom. I fought her one on one, but she has powers only a Senshi or Shitennou, perhaps some shape shifters such as ourselves possess. So, who and what she is I cannot say for sure, but she is dangerous.”

“Yes, she has been busy since your brief encounter with her. She has been building a youma army, and running underground criminal gangs. We have tried to capture her, but all efforts thus far have proven fruitless. Your description of the girl has helped, but we have not yet gotten a solid identity profile. Many of our female population are redheads. We can’t lock up all of them. We’d have a riot on our hands and outraged parents to placate. So, it will be difficult to isolate and capture her. Given the fact she is possessive of dark magical abilities, this makes the task all the more difficult I’m afraid.”

“We will just have to be vigilant,” Artemis replied.

“Yes, Lord Artemis, that, we will.”

Diamond’s Glider

Serenity was sleeping, her head tilted a little to one side as Naru lay back in her leather chair, taking a nap. Umino dimmed the cabin lights and played some Martian sonatas, humming as he did his calculations to enter orbit and send the signal to the Silver Raven to gain clearance to land on Pluto in the capital. Only an hour to go. Then he saw the signal on the scanners, a ship, moving at speed towards them. He wasn’t sure at first if it were theirs or not. But after running the scans of the vessel closing in on their position, he knew it was not Alliance, nor was it Diamond’s and definitely not Dark Kingdom. But it was coming in fast, and Umino initiated the glider’s defense protocols.

“What the hell are you? The thing is shaped like a bat, the Dark Kingdom has nothing like this,” Umino mused, punching in instructions to the onboard computers, “By the Kamis, a winged fighter,” he muttered, then the holo-image appeared in the chamber and he gasped. He didn’t know what this creature was. A reptilian face looked back at him, expectant. Umino didn't recognize the uniform; definitely not of the sort he’d seen anywhere, not Dark Kingdom or pirate.

The creature then spoke with a gruff tone, “Lord Zero is very interested in meeting your princess. Come quietly and we’ll spare your lives. Shut down your engines and allow us to board your glider, and you will be allowed to continue to wherever it is you’re going.”

“Like hell!” Umino banked away from the ship that tried to lock some kind of energy clamps onto the glider. The strange craft hadn’t anticipated this and hadn’t known of the glider’s modifications. Umino swung the ship around, the fighter resembling a sapphire arrowhead. Firing its pulse cannons, beams of indigo light struck the wing of the enemy craft and it returned fire.

“This is going to be a bumpy ride, everyone, hang on!”

“Umino!” Naru shouted, waking as Serenity opened her eyes, screamed at the hologram of the ugly creature as it vanished from the cabin. Umino brought the glider around once again to take on the Shadow Fighter.

Suddenly, a tall leather clad soldier appeared in the cabin pointing a weapon at Serenity’s heart. “Don’t move princess, Zero has waited a long time to stop you and your daughters ruining his plans!”

“Daughters?” she said, confused, hugging her pregnant belly.

“Stay away from her, she is pregnant!” Naru cried out; this, the distraction Umino needed. He hit the crystal keys upon the console and the spacecraft shook violently to one side. The creature crouched as it spun around and tried to shoot him, but hit the console behind Umino instead and part of the panel exploded and struck the young Shitennou in the shoulder; knocking him flying.

“Epsilon Star Power!”

Sailor Epsilon stood before Serenity and her golden orb sent pulses of energy striking the Shadow warrior in the chest, “Golden Incantation-disarm!”

The Shadow warrior collapsed to the floor and then his body flared into a blaze of purple light and was gone.

“Oh Umino, are you all right?”

“Yeah, but Serenity, she is unconscious. We best get out of here and fast. There is an ice field in the Ortt Cloud. We’re heading for it; hold onto your fuku’s hem! We’re going to have to play a game of hide and seek.”

“Umino, don’t be crazy! You’re bleeding to death!”

“What’s a little… blood anyway? I’ll be fine, that is, after the bio-patch seals the wound! Ah, it’s working. That’s better, all shiny and new. Ouch! Well, almost,” he offered a wry grin. “We have to get Bunny into the environmental suit… Naru, let’s hurry. We don’t have much time, we’re losing environmental integrity!”

As Umino programmed the onboard computers to navigate the ice field, the Shadow Fighter was in hot pursuit once again. The silvery glider wove its way through hundreds of icy objects adrift on the periphery of the solar system. The tiny fighter moved with grace as the enemy followed hot on their heels.

“Sere’s in her suit and I am ready to assist, what do you want me to do, Umino?”

“I am going to fix the life support systems. You’re going to have to be our eyes, and use the weapons systems,”

“Me?” she gasped.

“You’ll be fine, just trust the computer’s prompts. Navigation is no problem. I only hope those bastards behind us aren’t too advanced. We have an edge, but only just, 30th century technology is all that stands between oblivion and us. And Naru…, I love you, in case we don’t get out of this alive, I wanted you to know that!”

“We’ll get out of it, don’t talk like that…and I love you too Umi!”

“Strap Bunny in, here we go!”

The sounds of chronophasic weapons fire caused a huge explosion off the port bow making the glider shake violently as both Umino and Naru struggled to keep their footing. Chunks of ice and rock the size of a building spun overhead as the shields took the full brunt of one of the massive fragments as the Shadow Fighter fired once again.

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