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General Library: House of the Holy by Horosha

Rating:NC17 Created:2008-04-16
Genre:Dark Updated:2008-04-20
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

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What if Sailor Senshi are big fans of fanfics based on them. As such they find a series called Sailor V: The Dark Adventures of the Sailor Scouts. One thing leads to another and even the pure of heart can be tempted.

Author's Comments:

When Troy made it plain in his prologue that he wouldn’t mind other fanfic writers creating their own versions of SMVDA, I decided to take a stab at it but first I wanted to start out on the right foot with Troy, so I did what you have read, I created a combination review, feedback and wish list in a entertaining story format. I also carefully developed the story so it would have an open ending, so if Troy did find my idea to be acceptable, I could use this story as the first installment. All stories will fall under the House of the Holy title, that way they will be read in the order they are meant to.

Writing Style: My writing style is going to change from story to story, so expect the unexpected.

Timeline: This series will take place after Sailor Moon Stars but as I have already laid down, this is going to be an alternate continuum to the manga, the anime and the live action.

Storyline: It’s non-canon just like SMVDA, it will be Gothic Horror and I will be borrowing several ideas from SMVDA but I’m going to put my own spin on them. There will be elements from the manga, the anime plus a few things from the live action.

Characters: I like all the main characters for Sailor Moon, even Mamoru, but at the same time I’m not going to pussyfoot them either, this is Gothic Horror after all.

Usagi: I loved Troy’s variation to Super Sailor Moon, especially the wings. I really didn’t like the small wings they placed on Super Sailor Moon’s back (you can tell I enjoyed the final episode of Sailor Stars).

Ami: I will be handling Ami’s vampirism a little differently than what Troy is doing, those who are familiar with the soap opera series, “Dark Shadows,” will instantly know where I’m going.

Rei: I’ve decided to go with the personality developed by Naoko for manga, also expect a lot of Shinto background for the character.

Makoto: As some have already noticed, Makoto’s star will be tied to Ami’s star. I’m not going to go with the simple yuri relationship nor will I treat Makoto simply as Ami’s blood bank. I’m going for a very complex relationship. Also Makoto’s background will be much darker than it was in the manga.

Minako: Minako will be based on the profile I developed for her in my Tenchi Muyo crossover series, “Strange Days Book Two: Fire and Rain.”

Haruka: Based on the manga version with very little change.

Michiru: Based on the manga version with very little change.

Hotaru: Based on the manga version but with significant changes.

Setsuna: Based on the manga version but with significant changes.

Ryo: Based on the anime version but with significant changes. I’m going for the ending used for the original ending of Sailor Moon, so Ryo knows about Ami being Sailor Mercury and he does have an idea about the identities of the other Sailor Senshi.

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