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General Library: The Choice by Kihin Ranno

Rating:NC17 Created:2008-12-22
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-12-22
Style:General Status:Complete

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

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Venus and Kunzite are faced with a decision that could have devastating ramifications for their lieges, their planets, and their hearts.

Author's Comments:

I'm not sure if this is R or NC-17, but I'm exercising caution just in case.

Something of a sequel to "Her Light, Dancing." Written for the Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge on LiveJournal. September Challenge - Images Only. Also submitted for my Venus/Kunzite claim at Fanfic100. Prompt 86 - Choices.

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Review by VO1 2008-12-28

This is perfect. I can't really articulate beyond that.

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