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General Library: Glory Days by Horosha

Fandom:Ranma 1/2
Rating:NC17 Created:2013-04-11
Genre:General Updated:2013-05-11
Style:General Status:Complete

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

Glory Days Prolog (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter One (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter Two (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter Three (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter Four (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter Five (PHP)
Glory Days Chapter Six (PHP)
Glorys Days Epilog (PHP)


This series takes place after the botched wedding at the Tendo compound. Ranma ends up in a fight with Mousse where Akane is killed. He finds a way to save her life but at a price. Most of the story is about Ranma's acceptance of his willing sacrifice and the adjustment of others to new circumstances.

Author's Comments:

A friend of mine wanted a story where Ranma willingly decided to become fully female. Most of the Ranko stories, Ranma either finds out he was really born a girl, magic forces him to become fully female or someone forces him to be fully female either temporary or forever. Here Ranma bites the bullet on his own.

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