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General Library: Art of Sexual War by Starsea

Rating:NC17 Created:2007-03-04
Genre:Romance Updated:2007-03-04
Style:General Status:Complete

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

Art of Sexual War (PHP)


Jadeite has to plan things carefully in order to get what he wants.

Author's Comments:

You'll be happy to know that the spiky dialogue does not disappear. Written for the December sm_monthly 'Psychology' theme.

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Review by shetan83 2010-11-10

Wow. *laughs* What a game of one-upmanship. At least in this case, everyone's a winner.

This might sound odd, but I love the way you write smut. The smut is so intense precisely because of your characterizations and attention to emotion. Well done.
Review by Jessica Pendragon 2007-03-08

If she ever got married and got over all that lovely drama stuff, I can completely see Rei acting like she did in this story. It was really powerful how you kept her in character and interpreting how she would act in this situation.

And it was easy to relate with because there is always this little battle of psychology going on in relationships, I think it was a great use of the theme. And of course, I love your one liners and description, especially:

"the piano is... (more)
Review by Bella*Luna 2007-03-06

I love your stories. I love the way that you portray your characters. There is always such passion between them, believable but not over the top.

Really good job. ^.^

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