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General Library: Sight the King by olesia

Rating:NC17 Created:2007-10-16
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-04-13
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

01 - in which Yuugi dreams (PHP)
02 - in which Jounouchi is a good friend (PHP)
03 - in which a game starts (PHP)
04 - in which Yuugi freaks out (PHP)
05 - in which Yuugi leaves Domino (PHP)
06 - in which there is an edge to the board (PHP)
07 - in which Yuugi has his breakdown (PHP)
08 - in which Yuugi is occasionally thwarted (PHP)
09 - in which things continue to go awry (PHP)
10 - in which something is terribly amiss (PHP)
11 - in which there are some answers (PHP)
12 - in which there are photographs (PHP)
13 - in which Yuugi is aMAZEing (PHP)
14 - in which some rules are established (PHP)
15 - in which there is an opponent (PHP)
16 - in which there are many familiar faces (PHP)
17 - in which there is an ending of sorts (PHP)
18 - in which there is fanservice (PHP)
19 - in which some situations are reversed (PHP)
20 - in which several moves are made (PHP)
21 - in which a game ends (PHP)


After Yuugi wakes up at the scene of a crime with blood on his hands and a voice in his head, there's only one thing he can do: Run.

Author's Comments:

AU break during manga volume 2.

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