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Reviews on Silver and Steel by Nephthys Moon

Review by bin82501 2010-04-19

Aww I love it.
Review by Loki 2009-04-16

I am really, really hooked. This is brilliant Sailor Moon fanfiction. What is more, the original spin you bring to it is amazing to say the least.

The relationship between Mamoru and Usagi is intriguing and skillfully carried off in a convincing way that breathes new life into both characters.

The way you portrayed Minako, Makoto, Motoki, and the adjusted backstory was pure magic.

Luna and Artemis, I love your characterization of them. The dialogue, the flow and the affect, carrying so many moods, the humor, fire, angst, the imagery and dreams/memories, it is all a jewel in the crown of the Moon Princess and I love the new older Usagi. And the memories of her royal bunniness in the Silver Millennium were powerful and sizzling.
A couple of little typos, but we all have those. In all this is one of the best fics I have read in a few years, and I really mean that. Congratulations on a real winner!

Author's response:

Thank you so much. I'll admit, I wrote this as a bit of a lark. I was having fun and wanted to share my fun with others. I'm glad it's coming across well and the next chapter ought to be up soon.

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