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Vignette Collection: Marigold by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:NC17
Created:2006-04-04 Modified:2006-04-04
Summary:A walk along the lake where skirts get blown up in the wind.
This vignette contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

They're walking on the edge of the lake, merely enjoying each other's company in this momentary moment of peace. Today, there have been no threats, no battles, no blood shed, no meetings, and no arguments. There has just been stasis. They all know it's the calm before the storm, and they bask in that stillness for as long as they can.

She's walking with Ginny and she's hardly paying attention to what they're talking about. She's hardly thinking and the constant ache in her head is finally fading. She's thankful for the quiet and even more thankful for Ginny.

A breeze comes up off the lake and blows at Ginny's skirt - shortened for the purposes of morale she jokes. It kicks up the light fabric just enough so Hermione can see all anyone would ever want to see. Her curves and tufts of crimson hair. Her snow white skin dotted with freckles all the way down there.

Ginny's not embarrassed for being seen but Hermione's embarrassed for seeing. She tries to walk away from her younger companion, but she grabs Hermione's hand and pulls. Toward her and down, underneath the marigold fabric and into the folds.

It's warm and wet and Hermione's touch sends the scent of her into the air. It's spice and youth and knowledge and instinct and it makes Hermione's blood run like fire. Hermione barely moves. It's Ginny guiding her hand deep inside of her, rubbing her clit slow and hard. Ginny's moaning and eventually collapses, pulling Hermione down on top of her. And then they're rubbing together and Hermione doesn't know what she's doing but she knows her legs don't bend that way and it really is quite uncomfortable but if feels so good that she just doesn't care. She finds herself begging for more even though she's in pain. Her legs want it to be done with but the rest of her, the whole of her is stretching, burning for more of Ginny. All of Ginny.

And then they're shaking, trembling like the braches in the wind. They're crying out, nails digging into skin, fingers pulling at hair, and blood pooling in private parts.

Then Ginny's panting beneath her, her freckled hands still clutching at Hermione's behind, her skirt flipped up to reveal her knickers to any passers by. She smiles.

"Told you it boosts morale."

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