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Vignette Collection: Destiny of a Lie by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:NC17
Created:2006-04-04 Modified:2006-04-04
Summary:A reunion turns out to pinpoint the root of the problem.
This vignette contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.
Destiny of a Lie

Somewhere along the line, Endymion and Serenity stopped speaking to one another. Neither of them could pinpoint what exactly had gone wrong or what argument they had had to place them in this position, but the result was all that concerned them. After merely tolerating it for awhile, they both decided that they needed to make the effort to remain together. After all, they were the symbol for an entire nation. Their solidarity was imperative when it came to proving the stability of their kingdom.

And so, although neither of them particularly wanted to, they knew they had to try. Some things simply could not be avoided.

It lacked the usual passion of make-up sex. He kissed her not out of need to feel her moving and sighing against him, but just to preoccupy himself before they could continue on. Her hands wandered aimlessly in distraction, neither titillating or clumsy - merely half hearted. And even when he filled her, they both felt empty, as they routinely directed each other to meaningless orgasm.

He came too early, and she rolled him over on his back to find her own release as if it were a chore. However, as she moved above him, he closed his eyes and replaced her. Pale pure flesh became dark and sensual, blonde became hunter green, blue melted into scarlet like diamonds soaking in merlot. His cock hardened almost instantly by this change while his wife fucked him rather than made love to him, gasping through her tears.

They continued, Endymion now fueled by sinful passion, tweaking nipples and kneading her arse. This time, they came together. She was sobbing, and he was moaning another name. She heard him, and perhaps that was why she curled up next to him, sobbing into his chest to mourn the loss of their promised, but ultimately false, destiny.

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