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Frustrations by Acc2787

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Chapter One
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Warning: Little bit o lime.

It was there, it was coming the feel of an over powering release. “Oh Kami, Kenshin.” She moaned. She was laying on her back her legs were draped over her husbands shoulders as he pounded into her every time harder and faster than the time before. He knew of the pleasure that was building with in her, and he knew how they both needed it, more than almost anything. One of his hands played with the nub above her slit while the other played with the hardened nipples of her breasts. He was going to send her over the edge, they both wanted, needed for this to happen. It was killing him to not be able to finish what they had started every night for the past month. They were going to do it this time, this time there will be no interruptions.

“KAA-CHAN, TOU-CHAN!!!!” A high pitched scream came from across the hall. “HELP, PLEASE, HELP, KENJI!!!” Yelled the main reason why Kaoru and Kenshin where not getting their sexual frustrations out. Automatically Kenshin removed Kaoru’s legs from his shoulders while Kaoru rolled off of the futon and put her yukata back on. Kenshin followed suit.

Kaoru heaved a heavy sigh and opened the sliding door to the hallway crossing it she opened the door where loud mournful and frighten sobs could be heard. This was all Sano and Yahiko’s fault if they had not told Kenji ghost stories a month ago this would not be happening.
“It’s alright Kenji, Kaa-chan is here.” She said soothingly to the shivering four year old.

“Tou-chan is here to kanji, I promise nothing is going to happen, that it is not.” Kenshin sounded and looked exasperated, which was exactly how Kaoru felt this had been going on for a month how much longer will it last.

“Kaa-chan, Tou-chan can I please sleep with you tonight?” His blue eyes were huge and pleading his red hair falling down to his shoulders as he got up expecting the answer he knew he would receive. Kenshin and Kaoru both sighed and nodded their heads.

Looks like there was going to be no sex tonight, again.

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