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Warning: Little bit o lime.

Kaoru smiled as she help her sweat Kenji with his bath her sexual frustrations not completely

forgotten but at least it was in the back of her mind. Hopefully today would be different for today

Kenji would be staying with Sano and Megumi, thankfully classes where light today and she

would be able to enjoy some alone time with her husband.

Kenshin had also been making plans to come home early from his work with Suitor,

Hopefully nothing big will happen today. This absence of sexual needs being meet has been both

physically an d mentally strenuous. If only he could have a coupled of hours with his wife that

was all he needed. With luck they would get such time later this afternoon.


Kaoru was rushing home in hopes of finding Kenshin waiting for her, she was running late but

with luck they would have at least two hours to alone. She ran and ran just one more corner and

it would be a straight away dash to the front. ‘Oh please be there Kenshin.’ She begged mentally

as her breath became shallow.

Finally she reached the gate ‘Kenshin please be here.’ Kaoru opened the dojo gate to only see an

empty and quiet dojo yard. ‘No I can’t believe it, he is not here.’ Kaoru sighed out of frustration

and closed the large gate, she felt like crying. “Kenshin.”

Kaoru started to weep just as two strong familiar arms rapped themselves around her waist.

“What took you so long, koi?” Kaoru turned on the spot to face her husband who’s eyes were

twinge with gold, she smirked at him knowing exactly where this was going.

“Stop asking stupid questions and start taking off your clothes.” She demanded with a semi-

serious glare. Kenshin only looked at her as a slow predatory smile spread across his face.

“I would prefer that you go first.” Not long after Kenshin said this that Kaoru was stripping out of

her gi in a slow steady manner, her husband watch with in delight as his lover and wife put on a

show for him. He was the only one who can get to see this side of Kaoru, her wild temptress side,

the side of her that made his body heat up to an unbearable level of sexual tension. ’Kami, he

loved her.’

Finally her clothes were off her naked body exposed to his eyes and to his satisfaction the

elements as well, as a small but cool wind dusted through the dojo yard Kenshin watched as

Kaoru’s nipple hardened. That was his que, he grabbed his lover firmly in his hand his on clothes

had laying in pile by the gate. Kaoru’s body melted into his as started his menstruation. He kissed

her hard, long, and with pint up passion. They had waited to long for this to go slowly their body

was making that quite clear.

It was finally happening they were finally going to make uninterrupted love or so they thought,

just when Kaoru was moaning up a storm, the gates flew open.

“Battousai, we are here to seek revenge for our brother.” The men yelled as they ran through the

doors not knowing what they were interrupting. Kenshin growled low as he pulled himself out of

his wife and grabbing his katana Kenshin swung around to face his enemy not caring that he was

in the nude. Kaoru followed suit and ran to grab her discarded bokken. The men look at the

couple shocked to see them as they were.

“Your will pay for what you have interrupted, that you will.” Kenshin said with great malice.

Not long after the bodies of the men who came charging into the dojo so boldly were now lying

unconscious with multiple injuries all over the dojo grounds. Kenshin and Kaoru both slipped

there clothes back on. Kenshin stayed at the dojo watching the unconscious men while Kaoru

went to get Saitoh and a few other officers to take the unwanted idiots out of Kenshin and

Kaoru’s hands.

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