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Frustrations by Acc2787

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Frustrations chapter 3


Warning: Just cuddling, nothing to serious
Disclaimer: I don’t own Kenshin

For the past two night Kenji had been without nightmares but Kaoru and Kenshin were

not taking any chances as soon as Kaoru’s cycle was over Kenji would be spending the

night at uncle Sano and aunt Megumi’s house. Kenshin and Saito had been working long

and hard to track down the asshole behind the interruption of Kenshin and Kaoru’s last

interlude so that the next time the only thing Kenshin would have to fight was his desire,

which to him seemed like a loosing battle. He knew Kaoru couldn’t help the little things

she did that drove him wild, he knew she couldn’t help the swing of her hips when she

walked, the bounce of her breast when she worked out, or the sweet smile that graced her

lips every time she welcomed him home with Kenji at the front gate. Yes, fighting his

desire was definitely a loosing battle when it can to this woman. There were times that he

didn’t care that Kaoru was on her cycle he just wanted her under him whimpering and

moaning his name with pleasure but then he would remember himself and try to calm

himself down. ‘Only a few more days.’ He kept telling himself to relax and ease the

feelings that were quacking within his manhood he was loosing control and for the first

time he heard the Battousai within him beg that he didn’t care if it was messy he just

wanted his Kaoru. ‘Just a few more days, Just a few more days’ He repeated mentally to

his other more volatile half.


Kaoru was ready for her cycle to be over, he mind and body were reaching their limits. “I

am going to find him and make him take me the second I relies my cycle is over.” She

told herself out loud as she went over the second most difficult kata in the Kamiya

Kasshin Ryu, her frustration was at it peek especially since she discovered why Kenji was

no longer having night terrors. ‘It was so simple why didn’t we think of it before.’


Kenshin and Kaoru came home after her ‘supposed’ kidnapping their son came running to

them as soon as the had entered the main gate. He jumped into Kaoru’s arms crying

hysterically at the same time reaching over to hold Kenshin as well. The child’s entire body

was quacking with the power of his sobs, for a while all Kaoru and Kenshin could do was

hold him in a tight embrace of reassurance.

“Kenji-san, what is wrong?” Kaoru finally asked in a soothing voice to calm the trembling child.

“Kaa-chan, was taken by bad men.” He finally stated before he wailed and berried himself

in Kaoru’s shoulder. When he lifted his head again he had a pained look on his face

“They hurt Yahiko-Chan, and they took Kaa-chan away… Kenji not know what to do.”

He wailed again and this time the tears and sobs did not stop for a long time. It was then

that Kaoru decided that the truth of the situation wasn’t what needed to be heard but the

truth of a certain fact that Kaoru and Kenshin had neglectfully have not told their son.

“Kenji, sweet heart look at Kaa-chan, I need your full attention.” She said in a soothing

yet demanding voice. The child slowly opened his tear filled eyes to his mother’s face.

She smiled a comforting smile at her trembling child that she loved so much. “Kenji, your

Too Chan would never ever let anyone or anything hurt me or you. And if someone ever got close he would make them live to regret it.”

“Kaa-chan is right Kenji, that she is. I would not let anyone or anything harm you or Kaa-

Chan. I love you to much to let something happen to either of you, that I do.” Kenshin said

in a soothing yet serious voice. “And Kaa-chan is also right that if something or someone

even came close to hurting you I would make them pay for it, that I would.” Kenshin,

who’s arms were cradling Kaoru and Kenji, leaned his head down and kissed the top of

his sons head and whispered gently “ Nothing is strong enough to take Kaa-chan or you

away from me, that there is not.” Kenshin’s eyes glowed gold with every word he had

said, his serious expression on his normally gentle face was stirring. This was the first

time Kenshin had ever let Kenji see his dark more possessive and more protective side of

himself. This was the first time Kenji had ever seen the Battousai within his father, but

for some reason instead of Kenji being scared or feeling threatened he stopped sobbing

and looked into his father’s eye and … smiled. It was a reaction that Kaoru wasn’t use

see when one is first introduced to Kenshin’s other half but it was the reaction Kenji gave

none the less.

“Thank you Tou-chan, I know that now and I will never be afraid again.” Kenji’s smile

widened as he laid his head on Kaoru’s neck still starring into his father’s face.


Kaoru thought back to that night and how it was the first night in a long time that she did

not wake to the sound of Kenji’s screams. She did wake that night though it was as if her

heart was telling her that something was off her mind immediately jump to Kenji,

thinking that any moment she would hear her child scream from his nightmares but he

didn’t. Kaoru had even gotten up to cheek on him but when she opened the sliding door

to his bedroom she saw her sleeping child, the room seemed to echo with his quite snores,

his hands pillowed his angelic face as he lay in peaceful slumber. Kenshin had come up

behind her and they both looked at their adorable child with love as he rapped his arms

around her waste and placed his chin on her shoulder. Kaoru had leaned back into her

husband embrace a small smile growing on her lips as she thought what exactly this

meant. She and Kenshin would finally be able to sleep and make love without

interruptions hopefully. “Hopefully.” She said quietly as she stopped her kata and looked

to the slowly opening door as a very sleepy eyed Kenji opened the door still holding the

blanket Kaoru had rapped him in when she had put him down for a nap. She smiled at

him as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. “Hopefully.” She said again even


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