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Frustrations chapter 4

Breaking point

Warning: Little bit o lime
Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters

Kaoru watched as her son waved good sitting on top of Sano’s shoulders, she had told

him to listen to Megumi and Sano and to play nice with Ayame and Suzume, who were

very protective of little Kenji. She placed her hand on her heart knowing that this was not

the first time she had been separated from her child but every time seemed so hard to do

even now, knowing that she and Kenshin would finally have time to their selves she just

couldn’t watch her son go without the familiar stab of pain shooting through her chest.

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on what needed to be done to prepare for tonight

before Kenshin got home from working with Saitoh and the rest of the police squad.


Kenshin was unusually quiet even for him which had unnerved most of the men

throughout the squad room. He was quietly listening to the oral report of one of the

officers who had stopped the mugging of an elderly woman in the market place. When the

report was finally over he said nothing and almost seemed that he had not realized the

officer was done.

“Ah sir…” The nervous officer questioned after a small amount of silence passed

between them.

“Thank you for your report I am sure Okia-san is grateful to you for helping her, but you

did not say whether the culprit was captured.” Kenshin finally stated to the now trembling officer.

“I was not able to apprehend the criminal sir.” The officer gulped audibly as he waited for

his superior reply.

“ Did you get a good look at him?” Kenshin questioned as he turned to the window of his

office noticing the sun going down. It was getting late and he knew Kaoru would be

waiting for him but he also had a duty to protect the downtown city of Tokyo and that he

would do. ‘Wait just a little bit long Kaoru.” He mentally begged as his mind slowly

drifted away from the dojo and back to the trembling office who had answered no to his

question. “There is nothing we can do about it right now we will just have to wait to

catch the culprit in the act again, that we will.”

Kenshin was down waiting for the day to end and he was not going to take his time

getting back to the dojo either. ‘I am coming Kaoru I hope you are ready, that I most

certainly do.’ He thought as his samurai skills were put to use, jumping from roof top to

roof top using his god-like speed to close the distance to the dojo even sooner.


She was there and she was waiting in her light blue yukata a small smile graced her lips

her bokken was at her side. As Kenshin drew nearer he was pleased to see that his wife’s

yukata was loosely worn around her small frame a small amount of cleavage as open to his

gaze as he looked upon her from the top of the dojo roof. She was not aware of him at

least not yet but he was soon going to fix that. He slowly stalked his prey from his

vantage point on the roof tops, he was so close he could hear her humming a familiar tune while her body said gently in tune with her humming. He was just above her now and as

he got ready to pounce on his lovely victim she spoke.

“Are you going to come down here or not?” She questioned exasperatedly. “I am

deprived enough as it is, so you can either come down her and take me or I will come up

there and take you.” She stated forcefully. Kenshin was beyond surprised he knew Kaoru

was afraid of heights and he wanted to see just how deprived she was if she was threaten

to take him on the roof.

“I think I will stay up here, that I will.” He stated playfully. “There is a nice breeze out

tonight and I am enjoying it thoroughly, that I am.” He was waiting to here a grumpy or

indignant reply from his wife who he had taken his eyes off of for a few seconds

pretending to not care. When he looked down he did not see her. ’Oh no has he made

Kaoru angry enough that she was not going to go along with their plan.’ He thought as

spoke out loud his main thought that kept bouncing of his head. “I am an idiot, that I most

certainly am.”

“You got that right.” Said Kaoru in a sexy voice from behind Kenshin as she grabbed him

again Kenshin was beyond surprised as he felt Kaoru’s arms encircle him. “Now my dear

husband” she said as he hand slid into the folds of his gi. “Do you think you can get us

down from here in one piece or am I going to have to make good on what I said earlier.”

She whispered into his ear between kisses at the hollow of his neck. Kenshin’s body was

more than aware of what Kaoru was doing and the promise that her words held.

“Why not do both.” Kenshin answered as he pulled Kaoru’s in front of him, his eyes shined with desire as he pushed Kaoru’s body to lay flat against the long top beam of the

roof. His eyes turned to pure gold as he started to loosen the note around her waist, he

looked into Kaoru’s eyes and smiled at the surprise, lust, and love floating around in her

indigo eyes. He was going to enjoy this new experience and he was going to make sure

that his little wife did too.

Kaoru was speechless as Kenshin started to undo the only note that was keeping herself

covered and was even more turned on by the sexy smirk that had made it’s way onto her

husbands face. Though this was wonderfully new and exciting Kaoru could help but feel

exposed making love in the yard was one thing but here on the dojo roof she looked

around to make sure that walls of the dojo where high enough so that no one from the

street would see them but her mind soon became occupied with other things as Kenshin’s

mouth had latched on to one of her breast as one of his hands ,she didn’t care which

massaged the other. Her arms automatically rapped around his shoulders while her fingers

traveled through his thick hair. The familiar fire was settling with in her belly as

Kenshin’s tongue played with her nipple. It was getting hard to think, it was getting hard

to reason, she knew there was a reason she should fight the feeling Kenshin was creating

with in her but she couldn’t for the life of her remember exactly what that was.

Kenshin released the nipple of the breast he had been tonguing only to kiss his wife

thoroughly while her hands made their way down to pull his gi out of his hakama. Her

tongue danced with his even though he could tell she was distracted he finally pulled

away to help her with his clothes and let his gi fall to the ground below not caring where

it landed as long as he could find it later. It was then that Kaoru had growled but it was not the sound she made in passion but a growl of pure anger. He looked at his wife who

was looking towards the west wall of the dojo he turned to look in that direction as well

when he saw what it was that had made his wife so angry. A large group of men was

gathered at the west entrance of the dojo all of them had a sword of some kind and all of

them looked like they were getting ready to attack. He was glad that he had chosen this

particular part of the dojo roof for it was well hidden in the shade and lining of the trees.

He knew they could not see him or Kaoru up here but that did not mean he would give

them any mercy. The Battousai within him was calling for justice, ‘how dare they come

here and interrupt us again.’ Battousai was definitely at the surface, his lust for Kaoru and

his lust to demolish every single one of them was strong. It was Kaoru’s gently hand and

soothing presence that kept him in check. He would deal with these ingrates and he would

be back to finish what he and Kaoru had started.

“I will handle this, that I most certainly will.” The malice in his voice was evident and

Kaoru had wondered if these people had a death wish or if this was just a fate that they

these people had decided to invade their home every time Kaoru and Kenshin started to

make love.

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