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Frustrations by Acc2787

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Frustrations Chapter 5

Warning: Lemon!! (I know, it is definitely over due)
Disclaimer: I do not own Characters in this story.

Kaoru watched from her perch on the dojo roof as her husband knocked down every foe

that entered the dojo yard and felt the warmth pool within her stomach. She could help

but touch her self as the show of speed and strength being displayed in front of her very

eyes. Kenshin had decided that his gi was not needed and Kaoru couldn’t agree more, she

bit her lip as she watched the muscles on her husbands well toned body flex with every

movement. ‘Oh Kami, please let him finish with these jerks soon.’ She thought as she felt

herself give way to an orgasm that had been waiting to come out since they had started

their love making earlier. She bit back the moan that would give away her position on the

roof. Even though the orgasm had given her body some relief it was nothing compared to

how Kenshin could make her feel and that was why she waited her yukata open enough to

reveal most if not all of her breasts. Her body quacked as she watched how much damage

those muscle could do at the same time she smiled as memories of how much pleasure

those same muscles could bring. Kenshin had no idea what he was doing to her, his mind

was to intent on the battle going on around him to see how aroused she had become.


Finally Kenshin watched as the last of the cowards he had beat down run out of the dojo

gate yelling words like ‘lets get out of here.’ and ‘there is no way we can win.’ Though

these words usually pleased Kenshin’s other half all he could feel with in him was

frustration this was the second time those idiots had interrupted his play time with Kaoru,

there was going to be hell to pay when he found out who their boss was.

He did not hear her as she climbed down from the roof, all he knew was that she was

there behind him her fingers caressing down the middle of his back.

“Kenshin, I need you.” Her tone was a husky whisper in his ear her body pressed up

against his back, he became hard immediately. Kenshin turned to face the object of his

desire and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of her. Kaoru’s yukata lay on the ground

at her feet leaving her nude body without protection. ‘How long has it been since the last

time they made love?’ He asked himself the Battousai with in him answered as his eyes

turned to a lustful gold. ‘To long.’


Kaoru didn’t see his attack, but she felt it, as his body came crashing against

hers. Kenshin’s arms rapped around her waste his kiss hard and forceful against her

mouth surprised her body froze before she melted into his touch. His lips left hers only to

trail kisses down her neck and shoulders, she moaned as she felt the heat pool in her

stomach. Her hands traveled down the muscled plains of his stomach. ‘How long had it

been?’ she answered the question that had popped in her mind almost as soon as it came.

‘To long.’

Kaoru soon found herself pressed against one of the outer walls of the dojo, Kenshin’s

hands held her up by her bottom as his mouth lick, sucked, and nipped at her exposed

throat. He had somehow managed to get rid of his hakama and his manhood was

dangerously close to her opening. She wanted him inside ‘oh she wanted it so bad, just a

bit lower.’ Yet Kenshin had not lowered her onto him as she hoped leaving her to beg and

plead for release. “Kenshin, I need you, please.” She begged her heart, body, and soul

unable to take the distance any longer. He lifted his head till their eyes met before he

lowered her to the ground and with one quick hard thrust he was inside of her at last.


Kenshin heard his wife’s plea through the haze of his mind, the pleasure of just touching

her, of just having her in his arms, was beyond words. When he looked into her eyes, he

knew that he would never forget that look of love, lust, and desire to feel whole, a feeling

in which only he could give. He himself had that same desire and he had been fighting to

control himself, he wanted her so badly he was afraid he might hurt her if he moved to

fast. When he saw that look in her eyes and heard her begging words he realized that

holding back was not helping either of them. So he lowered her to the soft grass that

covered the ground, positioned himself over her thrusted his manhood into her waiting

wet walls.

He couldn’t help but gasp at how tight she was, it was almost as if she was a virgin but

there was no virgin barrier just warm tight wet walls that rapped around and coxed his

manhood to give her body what they both desperately needed, relief. Kaoru’s moans filled

his ears as he thrusted in and out of her time and time again her body rocked against his,

her arms encircled his waist as her hands and fingers tightened their grip on his shoulder.

He groaned from the pleasure that filled him as her walls started to strain his member, she

screamed his name as her body withered underneath him, he was some how able to keep

the juices within his now throbbing member through her orgasm, but he knew he would

not be able to it again. He needed to think of something to keep this going, he had never

given in until he had made sure his wife had come at least five times if not more.


Kaoru’s orgasm came in a blaze of hot fire, this was what she had been missing for so

long, this wonderful sensation that traveled throughout her body. She screamed his name

in pure bliss. It was then that she felt Kenshin shift until she was now laying on top of

him their bodies still connected through their sex. Kaoru sat up and grinded her hips into

his and quivered as a small wave of pleasure ran through her body. She opened her eyes

and saw her husband staring at her. His smile was evident as he bucked his hip against

hers making her whole body jump as well as send another quacking wave.


“Where you expecting me to do all the work?” He asked as his surprised wife looked

down on him. He placed his hand behind his head knowing that the little reprieve he had

just given his member would help keep himself in for just a little bit longer. He wanted

this to last and he was going to do anything he could to make his wife feel beyond

satisfied with their love making to night. “You know what to do, koi, that you most

certainly do.”

Hey guys I am a virgin when it comes to writting lemons so tell me how I did. Thanks Abby

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