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Frustrations by Acc2787

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Frustrations chapter 7

Warnings: Don’t forget to laugh
Disclaimer: I do not own Kenshin

In the middle of a bridge waiting for the most fearsome warrior in the history of Japan

was a large group of muscular men behind them were their hostages, a small redheaded

by, young girls with similar brown hair color, and a pregnant woman with dark black hair,

yet there was two more people who did not fit in with the large group of ruffians and that

was two men, one was much shorter and fatter than the other both of the men wore

matching off-white kimonos with black sleeves and it appeared that it was the shorter and

fatter man who was in charge. The shorter man was smiling at the other who was

trembling with fear at the thought of being near man who had once kill millions of


“I don’t believe that this will solve anything, panda-sama, I really don’t.” The taller man

spoke as the shorter merely smiled.

“Don’t worry, I know exactly how to handle this, just remember to stay out of the way.”

The short fat man spoke the smile widened on his face as he stared at his captives. “I was

hoping to use his wife against him but collection of his friends along with his own child

will do just as well.”

“Panda-sama, three people are approaching and one of them is the Battousai.” A hired

thug reported as he pointed to the direction were three lone figures walked down the


“And so it begins.” The panda said smirking as the sun began to set behind the figures



Kenshin walked with purpose toward the bridge where a large group of thugs was waiting

a few paces back to his left was Kaoru her bokken was no longer strapped to her back but

in her hand the tip of the bokken jutted out in front of her, while Sano was walking beside

her and to the right of Kenshin. Kenshin could feel the tension and anger that was pouring

out of his two companions as they neared the bridge even he felt that he could not contain

his rage toward the group that was standing on the bridge. The Battousai within him

spoke only a few words since the discovery of the kidnapping those same words were

echoed by the rurouni. ‘How dare they.’

Kenshin halted his steps a mere ten paces from the group of ruffians that had taken his

friend and his very own child, his hand tightened on the hilt of his katana. He was going

to make them pay greatly for what they have done and if there was any damage to any one

of the hostages he was going to make them suffer more.

“The great Battousai, I presume.” Came a very audible voice as the crowd of thugs parted

to reveal the speaker. Kenshin was confused by his sized and shape this man could not

have possibly fought in the revolution, either that or he had let himself go as soon as the

war was over.

“And you are?” Kenshin asked not wanting to assume that this pathetic excuse of a man

was the one who had caused all of this trouble.

“Why I am the great panda, of course.” The man said as he made a not to humble bow

towards the three who had come to rescue their friends and family. Kenshin couldn’t

help but feel his control on his more murderous self slipping. What could this man

possibly want with him? Did Kenshin kill his son in the war? Is that what this is all


“ What do you want from me?” Kenshin asked only to receive a small chuckle from the

man known as the panda. Kenshin felt more than saw his wife’s fist tighten on her

bokken. Sano’s arms were no longer crossed over his chest but were hanging tensely at

his side his hands were clenched in fist as veins visibly pulsed in rage. Sano and Kaoru

had both lowered their head to hide the effect this man had on them. This man was

deceitful, this man evil, this man had taken Kenji, this man had taken his friends, this

man had caused all of their suffering, this man was putting on make-up?! Kenshin looked

in confusion as he watched the fat short man had another man wearing the same colored

kimono dab white powder on his face. He was wearing make-up?

“Ah Battousai now that I finally have you attention…” ‘How could he not have our

attention the man is wearing make-up.’ The Battousai spoke in Kenshin’s mind.

‘Definitely a homo.’ The Battousai concluded to Kenshin, Kenshin was about to agree

when the man who was putting on the make-up stepped back and gave Kenshin a full

view of the transformation the make-up had created.

Kenshin stared dumbfounded by what he saw, he felt the shock run through not only him

but Kaoru and Sano as well. It was not Kenshin who regained his composure first but

Kaoru who immediately exclaimed. “ He looks like a panda?!”

And the man did look like a panda his face had been painted white his hair had been

formed into two buns on either side of his head making them look like ears. His eyes had

large black circles around them and to top it all off his nose had a large black dot on the

tip of it making look like the noise of a bear.

“As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” The panda glared at Kaoru before he

turned his attention once again to Kenshin. “I have a proposition for you.”

“And what would that be?” Sano asked as he finally regained his composure.

“I would like the Battousai to be…”


Cliff hanger hope you like it so far give me a shout if you do

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