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Frustrations by Acc2787

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Frustrations Chapter 8

Warnings: Kaoru kicks some plus a little bit of fluff
Disclaimer: I don’t own Rurouni Kenshin

“I want the Battousai to be…coughing” The fat man dressed as a panda covered his

mouth with his hand as he gave a great cough. “You must excuse me, I caught a cold on

the train here.” He continued coughing a few more seconds before he straightened and

finished his sentence. “I would like the Battousai to be my companies new spokes

person. I now that you warrior ruffian types do not do anything without something or

someone you hold dear to be held hostage which is why I have taken your friends away

from you at first I had order my men to try and take you woman but unfortunately we

were unsuccessful and decided to take you friends and child instead.” The panda stopped

speaking after he had explained the reasoning behind the attacks on Kenshin’s family and

friends. “Now will you comply with my demands?” He asked opening looking at the

redheaded man in front of the group however his attention was averted to the woman

standing behind him who was apparently shaking with rage.

“You attacked our home, you attacked our friends, you kidnapped our family and friends

just for your stupid company?!” The dark haired blue eyed woman spoke with pent up

rage. “You think that Kenshin is the monster, is a mindless ruffian, well I have news for

you…” Her voice was now trembling with the rage she held back. “You are the stupidest

idiot on the face of the planet and Kenshin will not be doing anything for you.” She said

holding her bokken ready to attack at a moments notice.

“Oh really?” The panda asked with disbelieving sarcasm. He looked at the woman shaking in rage though he thought she was shacking in fear. “You don’t have a choice

after all you are shaking in your fear of what might happen to you loved ones if you

refused my offer.”

“I am afraid that you are wrong.” Kaoru said as she sprang on the idiot painted like a

panda and grabbed the collar of his kimono as Sano and Kenshin attacked the rest of the

men on the bridge making sure to throw them over the edge and into the river below, the

last few that were left nodded their heads to the two men and jumped of the bridge

following their comrades body into the water. That only left the man dressed like a panda

to Kaoru’s mercy. She looked down at him, it had appeared that he had pissed on himself

due to the fear that was evident in his brown eyes covered surrounded in black make-up

but Kaoru was not satisfied with just his fear she wanted to pummel him till he was

unconscious. She smiled wickedly at the man who was still in her clutches. “You know

there is a reason why I am the Battousai wife, would you like to find out why?” She asked

cruelty and malice was apparent in her voice. The man gulped and shook his head no.

She smiled at his reaction to her obvious threat. “You will not bother us again, will you?”

The man shook his head and gave a very shaky no in reply. Satisfied Kaoru dragged the

man over to the side of the bridge and tossed him over, she could help but feel more

satisfaction as she heard him scream on the way down before she heard an audible splash.

She turned back to her family and friends happy to see that everyone was safe when her

son came close to her and pulled at her hand to get her attention. She smiled at her son

warmly happy to have him close to her, she bent down and pulled him into a hug feeling

relief as soon as the sweet child was rapped in her arms. She pulled away when she felt

him pull away however she really did not want to let go of him ever again. Kenji smiled

widely at her for a moment.

“Kaa-chan, what does Bat-oh-sia mean, why did that bad man call Tou-chan that?’ The

small child asked with tired and wary eyes.

“It is the name some people call your Tou-chan, because he used that name when he was

younger.” Kaoru answered truthfully not wanting to lie to her son.

“Why?” Kenji asked his curiosity peeked.

“Because your Tou-chan did not want people to know who his real name.” Kaoru

answered again knowing it would not satisfy her son curiosity.

“Why?” Kenji was persistent as always.

“Because you Tou-chan was fighting in a war and bad people would have hurt him if they

new his real name.” Kaoru answered afraid that he would continue his questioning in

which he did.

“Why?” Kenji asked yet again. His innocent eyes looking up at his mother, he was not

ready to know of his fathers bloody past.

“Stop questioning your Kaa-chan, Kenji, and give you Tou-chan a hug for I have missed

you little one, that I have.” Kenshin interrupted to Kaoru’s relief. Kenji smiled and ran

into Kenshin’s waiting arms hugging his Tou-chan with as much strength he could


“Tou-chan why did you go by the name Bat-oh-sia when you were younger?” Kenji asked

as he lifted his head to look into his father’s eyes. Kenshin smiled a sad smile not wanting

to reveal his past to his son just yet.

“I will tell you tomorrow after you have had a good nights rest.” Kenshin smiled

affectionately as his son yawned. “You look very tired, that you do.”

“I am very tired, that I am.” He answered as he curled into his father’s arms and closed

his eyes. Kenshin smile grew as he listened to his sons words, he was starting to pick up

on Kenshin’s style of speech. He looked up at Kaoru to see her smiling at the bundle in

his arms as well. Hopefully everything will be peaceful now that this ridiculously stupid


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