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Tears of Separation by twiknham

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Pulling Petals and Counting Chickens

Disclaimer: Mayu Shinjo owns the rights to this story, I only own intellectual rights to the original things that happen in this fic.  That means my work cannot be copied without my permission, but because the characters are not mine, I cannot receive monetary gains.


Chapter 7:


The day was not shaping up too well for Aine.  She’d just been called to Ralph’s office.  The last three weeks, Ralph had been doing more than hinting.  Twice she walked out of her bathroom to find him sitting on her bed, and the last three nights he’d ‘tucked her in bed’ with a quite unfatherly kiss.  Dreading what he’d do now that he had her on his turf, she opened the door.


“Come in.”  He chuckled evilly.  “Oh wait, you don’t cum at all do you?”


She blushed and laid her latest offering on his desk.  He picked the pages up and read them.  “Aine…”  He looked up at her, his gaze piercing.  “I’m looking for J-Pop, not Enka.”


Unfortunately, she was staring off into space.  She’d been doing that more and more, and he was getting more and more frustrated with her.  His attempts to win her heart had gotten off the ground like a lead balloon.  She was resistant to any overtures of kindness from him.  He was sorely aware that he would be unsuccessful in his effort to crush Sakuya by stealing Aine’s affections.  Who are you kidding?  You now want this woman for your own.


Remembering his father’s statement that a forced relationship wasn’t as fulfilling as a freely given one, he’d been taking it slow and trying to worm his way into her soul instead of barging in and breaking things in the process.  But watching her slide further and further from him had been hard.  She was dying inside and he resented that she’d chosen to fade out in the absence of Sakuya instead of grasping on to the man standing directly in front of her.  Deciding he’d had enough, he stood and walked over to her.  “Aine…”


“Huh?”  It was like watching her surface through cotton.  “The lyrics aren’t good?”  She turned to leave.  “I’ll rewrite them again.”


She didn’t even acknowledge his existence as a man.  Grabbing her arm, he pulled her close, locking his lips onto her unwilling ones.  As he started to deepen it, she smacked him.   He broke away.  “Ow!”  Putting his hand up to his mouth, he noticed she cut his lip.  Something snapped, if she wouldn’t take what he gently offered, he’d take what she refused to give.  Standing to his full height, he turned to look at her.  “You’ve been living with me for months, and I’ve tried hard to put up with your unrequited love.”  He watched as her eyes widened.  “But I’m running out of patience.”  He advanced on her, watching as she backed herself against his desk.  “If you can’t accept that Sakuya is gone…I’ll just force you to think about something else.”


“Don’t come near me!”


He grabbed her shoulders, shaking her.  “He left you, Aine!!  He turned his back and walked away!!!  He’s NOT coming back.”  Why couldn’t she admit the truth? 


“Let go of me!”  She tried to break away, shoving his latest financial statement on the floor in the process. 


As it rained across their feet, he stretched her out on the table.  “An awkward position to be taken in, but I can make it good for you.”  He licked her ear.  “And I won’t leave you like he did.” Yet.  Hearing that, she struggled even more.  If he’d been paying attention to her antics, he might have prevented letting her get the edge on him, but he missed her subtle movements.  One minute he was trying to get his groove on, the next she was standing in front of him with a knife pointed at her throat.


“I’d rather kill myself than to be your lover.”


He froze and looked at her, realizing she was probably calling his bluff.  “Really?”  He chuckled.  “You would prefer death than the lighter half of the man who left you…”  He reached right past her and put his hand on her cheek.  “You’re bluffing”  I’ll just drag you to the hospital and pay them to put you back together.


Her hands were shaking so badly.  “I choose death.”  He watched the skin depress as she pushed harder.


Suddenly the doors to the office burst open, and the entire Board of Directors stood in the opening, glaring at Ralph.


Ralph glared back at the entourage “Can’t you people knock?” 


Suddenly a man in a dark suit walked into the room.  The intruder watched as Ralph stood up, releasing Aine.  “Your new boss doesn’t need to knock.” 


The man had black hair frosted with blonde highlights, and Ralph had no idea who this practical joker was.  “Real funny asshole.  Who the fuck do you think you are?”


When the man chuckled, Ralph began to get a very nasty feeling in his chest.  “The Grazer Media’s Japan President, Metro Records CEO.”  As the stranger took off his glasses, Ralph choked.  “Ookochi Sakuya.”  The man standing in front of him held no resemblance to the punk-ass he’d left at the hospital just under four months ago.  This man had power and wasn’t afraid to wield it.


Ralph was beginning to sweat.  “Who put you up to this?  Who gave you the right?”


Sakuya stood completely still.  “How easily you forgot…brother?”


Fuck!  Fuck, fuck, fuck!  He left to go to America in order to take over.  How could I have been so stupid not to realize his strategy?


“Call the bastard for confirmation if you don’t believe me, I have all day.”  Sakuya looked over at Aine, who was staring at him as if he’d personally hung every star in the heavens.  It made everything he’d been through seem like walking on air.  “You took my most precious possession. I’m only returning the favor.”  His head felt clear for the first time in months.  “I also have Grazer Media’s succession rights, so I’ve tied that bow very tightly.”  Seeing his brother’s eyes widen in understanding, Sakuya decided absolutely everything was worth seeing the instant Ralph comprehended the consequences of his actions.


Ralph felt crushed.  His pissant of a brother had gone to American and in three months completely taken over everything he’d worked his entire life for.  Accepting defeat, he fell to his knees, too weak to stand.


“Everything you’ve ever cared for now lies in my possession.”  As Sakuya continued, Ralph began to get angry.  “But…I’m willing to negotiate.”  Surprised, Ralph looked up to find a document in front of his face.  “I’ll trade your most valuable possession for mine.  You can have everything back.”


Nobody in the room could believe what Sakuya had just said.  Ralph least of all.  “Did I hear you correctly?”


“You get everything, all your fancy titles and your idea of power.  All for one simple trade.”


Ralph laughed at the younger man.  “You’re willing to give up all this for a girl?”  He stood.  “Have you lost your mind?”


Sakuya pinned him with a solid gaze.  “Yes.  I’m fucking nuts.  How lucky for you.”


Ralph really couldn’t believe this man.  He’s willing to trade everything he has for one little girl?  He froze, thinking that maybe he’d missed something along the way.


Sakuya was becoming angry.  “You better make up your mind quickly before I change mine.” I’m offering him four aces, it’s a deal that no betting man would refuse, but if he’s holding the queen of hearts…


Suddenly Ralph looked at him and nodded.  “I agree to your terms.”  If I sign this paper, I give up more than a girl, I also give up my pride.  “You stand in the position of power.”  As Sakuya held out the paperwork, Ralph looked up at him.  “You’re an imbecile .  Do you know how much you’re giving up for a stupid bitch?”


With a smile that came from the depths of his soul, Sakuya chuckled.  “Yes, down to the last penny.  Do you?”


Realizing that Sakuya and Aine had something that he was unable to comprehend, Ralph signed the papers and turned to leave.  “I will never understand you.”  Walking out, he left the lovers to be reunited without his audience.

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