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General Library: Tears of Separation by twiknham

Fandom:Sensual Phrase
Rating:NC17 Created:2006-02-12
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-05-28
Style:General Status:Complete

This story contains adult material. If you are not of legal age, leave this page now.

First Days Gone (HTML)
Cruel Aine (HTML)
Putting Down the Mask and Taking Off the Gloves (HTML)
"Oh Babe, I Hate to Go..." (HTML)
Father Son Relationships (HTML)
Youkai Determination (HTML)
Pulling Petals and Counting Chickens (HTML)
You Get What You Pay For (HTML)


Aine has given up her freedom for Sakuya's life. Will he let her go or will he fight for their love?

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