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Tears of Separation by twiknham

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Disclaimer: Mayu Shinjo owns these characters and Shogakukan, Inc Disclaimer:  Mayu Shinjo owns these characters and Shogakukan, Inc. the fiction.  Twiknham has used the English translated version of Book 2 to re-create the scenes that help tell the story.  I acknowledge that the first two paragraphs were taken directly from the book and are the property of Viz, LLC.  Kelly Sue DeConnick did an excellent translation and I couldn’t see messing that up.  I gain nothing financially from this story.


Chapter 1: First Days Gone


“What’s the first thing you want to eat now that you’re free from hospital food?”  The female reporter was struggling to hold the microphone in front of his face.


He stopped and lowered his sunglasses, looking at the camera with a promise and a threat.  “My Girl.”


Sakuya groaned as he saw that clip on the night’s news.  It wasn’t that he was ashamed of what he’d said, but for less obvious reasons.  I hope I didn’t show my hand.  When he arrived at the apartment, there was no trace of the woman he so badly wanted to fuck.  I’m sure Ralph Grazer has his nasty little hands in her disappearance too.  Slamming his fist into the wall of his empty apartment, he slumped to the floor, glad there was no one to see him. 


When he’d gathered his strength again, he stood and walked past the alcohol cabinet straight to the refrigerator.  He didn’t feel like starting a new addiction so soon after getting off of heroin, and he knew if he started drinking, his band mates would find him in a deplorable state.  “Where are you Aine?”  He groaned.  “Are you okay?”




Aine was living her nightmares.  Three weeks ago, she told Ralph Grazer that she would forsake the man she loved, if Ralph would quit holding him prisoner and shooting him full of heroin.  She wanted to go to the police, but he was right when he taunted her that she would be unlikely to get anyone to believe the truth.  Although he was the person who had instigated all of the problems, he would be looked upon as a savior for protecting the wild musician from himself.  Very few people would take the word of a slammed rock star and his lover. 


Realizing she had no other real choice, she agreed to stay with him and write lyrics for his use.  Unfortunately, her brain wasn’t stimulated by just anyone.  As she sat in front of a blank piece of paper, she began to think that she might be in trouble.  Although she hadn’t known Sakuya Ookochi when she wrote that first song, when he first stepped out of his car after almost hitting her; it was as if her fantasy man had taken flesh.


Just thinking about Sakuya made her sigh.  Although Mr. Ralph threatened to take her nightly, he had yet to do so.  His reluctance wasn’t something she pushed though.  He had a very nasty temper and had gotten as far as stripping off her blouse and biting her on more than one occasion.  She knew that if she ever taunted him about his lack of action behind his words, she’d be spread-eagle with the angry American pounding between her thighs before she could recant.  So, instead of angering him, she showed the strictest respect, kneeling in front of him whenever he entered the room, and listening to everything he had to say without ever disagreeing. 


So far it had worked, and he had left her alone.  However, she hoped that some of her secrets were still safe from Ralph.  Because tomorrow she was going to do something that would certainly rouse his ire if he was to ever learn of it. 




The next morning, Yuki banged on his band mate’s door and waited...and waited…and waited.  Finally grunting in frustration, he typed in the security code to shut down the alarm.  Once he heard it beep off, he used the martial arts he’d studied as a Noh Family member to kick the door down.  Walking into the room, he was surprised to see it looked unused.  “Sakuya…are you here?”


He walked to the liquor cabinet and opened the door, finding a mostly full bottle of scotch and four clean crystal glasses.  The kitchen had one dirty bowl in the sink and a box of cereal on the counter.  Beginning to feel suspicious, he turned and walked towards the bedroom.  Opening the door, he saw Sakuya sitting up in bed, head in his hands.


“How bad is the damage to my door?”  He didn’t look up, not a good sign about his state of mind.


Yuki smiled and held up a hand.  “Don’t worry, I’ll replace it.  Where’s Aine?”  Sakuya looked up at him and Yuki saw the same pain in Sakuya’s eyes that he’d felt when he had divorced Maria.  “Hell, forget it.  We have an interview today, remember?”


Sakuya glared at him.  “Yeah.  I never forget my obligations.  However,” he held up hands that were shaking, “I’m still Jonesing pretty hard today.”  He sighed.  “Do you think the camera will see it?”


Yuki shrugged.  “It’s been three weeks.  I don’t know what to tell you.”  Yuki sat on the bed beside his friend and leaned over, resting his elbows on his knees and putting his chin on his folded hands.  “Are you sure you don’t know who did this to you?”


Sakuya grimaced and looked up at his friend.  “Are you here to drive me?”


As Sakuya stood and walked to the bathroom to dress, Yuki knew he had his answer.  “Or you could just refuse to tell me.”  He stood and walked to the door “when you’re ready to tell us what really happened, we’ll go kick some ass for you.”  He heard water running on the other side of the room and exited to wait in the living room.  Catching sight of the door, he grimaced and pulled out his cell phone.


“Hi Lover.  Will you do something for me?”  As Maria listened, he explained about the door. 


“Although I’m not too happy with your choice of violence over patience, I’ll get it done this afternoon.” She chuckled.  “And…”


He could tell she’d embarrassed herself.  “I’ll show you exactly what I did tonight, okay?”


Yuki!” Her squeal was confirmation that she had indeed been turned on by his retelling of his heroic ‘display’ of manliness.  He chuckled and hung up the phone just as Sakuya walked into the room. 


Sakuya was straightening the collar on his sleeveless leather shirt.  “If that had anything to do with your wife, I really don’t want to know.” 


Since Sakuya looked as civil as an orange, Yuki straightened his face and contented himself with thoughts of later.

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