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Tears of Separation by twiknham

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Disclaimer: Mayu Shinjo owns these characters, and Shogakukan, Inc

Disclaimer: Mayu Shinjo owns these characters, and Shogakukan, Inc. the fiction.  Twiknham has used the English translated version of Book 2 to re-create the scenes that help tell the story.  I acknowledge that parts were taken directly from the book and are the property of Viz, LLC.  Kelly Sue DeConnick did an excellent translation and I couldn’t see messing that up.  I gain nothing financially from this story.


Chapter 2: Cruel Aine


Ralph Grazer’s driver dropped Aine off at school just as he did every morning; but today he didn’t stay long enough to notice that she turned and walked in the opposite direction of the gakkun.  As she walked down the street, she took off her jacket and folded it neatly before placing it in her schoolbag.  Every music store had pictures of Lucifer in the windows, and Aine wondered how she would ever exist without Sakuya’s touch. 


Stopping in front of the famous picture of Sakuya singing ‘Cruel Jones’ while clenching her bare form, Aine put her hands over her eyes, so that others couldn’t see the tears.  Oh, to feel his chest against mine again.  I cannot forget the feel of him moving upon me, his hands clenched on my waist while his sweat runs down his neck to bathe me.  Her involuntary groan brought her back to herself. 


Cheeks flushed, she hurried on to TVJ.  By the time she pushed open a back door, she had herself calmed down.  If I can just see his stuff, make sure he’s not changed because I’m gone…  She knew that she was running a double risk.  First, if Ralph found out she’d come to this station, he’d punish her by finally making due on his promise of that first night.  Second, if she did see Sakuya and Ralph found out, he would have her lover killed. 


Hoping that if anything bad had to happen, it would only be the discovery that she came to the studio, she turned the corner and smacked into one of the key grips. 


He put a hand out to steady her.  “Are you here to see Sakuya?  We’re so excited that he’s back!  When do you think he’ll have a new album out?” 


She knew the guy was harmless, if a little extreme with his emotions.  As he started talking about all the prep that went into the show and how awesome the ratings were going to be, Aine checked her watch to ensure she wouldn’t accidentally run into Sakuya and then quietly snuck away.  As Aine walked down the hall, she felt a little bad for deserting the guy, but he didn’t have Ralph Grazer to contend with.


Sneaking up to Sakuya’s dressing room, she opened the door and entered without making a sound.  As she silently closed the door behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief.  He’s not here, at least he’s still safe!  Walking up to his dressing table, she looked at the mess.  Ferrari keys, Marlboro cigarettes, cd player…  She was tempted to put the earphones on and press play, but she knew that he’d notice that they weren’t exactly how he left them, and he’d wonder who had messed with his things.  Not wanting to do anything to cause him more stress; she tenderly touched the top of the player, as close as she could get to caressing his skin. 


Suddenly spotting the bottle of ‘Acqua di Gio’ by Giorgio Armani, her eyes widened.  Nothing had changed, and for that she was grateful.  Hoping he wouldn’t miss one little squirt, she carefully studied where the bottle was and then picked it up, spraying her neck.  Putting the bottle back exactly how she had found it, she stepped away from the desk and closed her eyes; imagining that Sakuya was standing there, just out of sight.  He reached hands around her shoulder and waist and pulled her close to him, breathing in her ear. 


She heard his voice in her head, as clear as if he actually was there.  “I don’t smell like that.”  This his arms really did wrap around her, pulling her against his chest.  He leaned over and she could smell the subtle changes that his body made to the cologne.  It was the difference between a pizza cooked in an electric oven and one cooked in a coal-fired oven.


Half of her was so glad to see him that she couldn’t speak.  The other half was frozen in fear that he would suffer more because of her.  I’m not supposed to see him… 


He put his hands on her neck, smoothing them up her neck to cup her cheekbones. Pushing slightly, he turned her to face him and grabbed her chin, bringing her face close to his.  “Close your eyes, inhale.”


Suddenly he had her pulled up against him and her nose was snuggled just below his ear, smelling the sweet scent of his neck.  Instantaneously she was thrown back to that one night that had been together.  That first feeling of him in her, creating the scar that would brand her as his forever.  The second time they made love, when he pulled her leg up over his hip and took her while they lay beside each other.  She was filled with the smell of the soap he bathed with, the scent of his shampoo.  It was more than she could handle and his name came out in reverence.  “Sakuya.” 


His name had been whispered so quietly he wouldn’t have heard her if he hadn’t been listening.  He hadn’t seen her in weeks, not since that night they made love.  He thought he heard her once in the midst of his narcotic haze; but when he came to, she was gone.  Sure he’d had hallucinations of her almost hourly, but he’d known the real thing when he saw her standing in front of his dressing table. 


He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly who was to blame.  However, sweet spun sugar held him tight and he wasn’t about to punish her for his brother’s crimes.  He also knew she was either here to stay, or to leave him forever; and he wasn’t about to let her go.  Just waiting, wanting to hear the truth.  He expected the reaction when she pushed away.




However, the pain was deeper than he’d expected, and he instinctively tightened his hold. 


Beginning to fear that he’d never let her go and they’d be caught together, she shoved him back.  “No!  We can’t see each other anymore!”  Turning, she started to run away.  “Sumimasen.”


He reached out and snagged her arm. “You can’t leave until you tell me what’s happening.”


She couldn’t look at him, her heart was shattering in her chest and she had to get out of there.  Straightening her shoulders, she turned, the fires of Hell in her eyes.  “I’m just here to say goodbye.  I’m with Ralph Grazer now…we’re lovers.”  His eyes turned as brittle as glass, and she closed hers so she couldn’t see the death of his love reflected in his glare.


I shouldn’t have shown up here.  Suddenly a hand reached out and cradled her cheek.  The next thing she knew, he had initiated a full frontal assault on her mouth, opening hers with his tongue to enter and pillage.  Her eyes snapped open in surprise before closing in passion.  She pretended everything was back to normal for a fraction of a moment before she started fighting.  “STOP Sakuya!”


He did, immediately.  He was always such a gentleman to her.  As she looked at him, he cradled her face, forcing her to stand and face him.  “You’re embarrassing yourself.  Quit lying to me, you don’t have the skill.”  She breathed deep, seeing in his eyes that he didn’t believe her story.  She also saw the pain he felt and wondered if it was all for her, or if he had spared any for himself.  She knew he was hurting, she’d done it on purpose.  What she didn’t know was if he’d decide she wasn’t worth the pain and move on with his life.  She was split in half between hoping he wouldn’t and wishing he would.


As he let go, he stepped back removing all contact.  “You’re underestimating me, I’m not incapable of…”


She interrupted him, seeing that he was beginning to doubt himself.  She put her hands on his chest and looked into his angry bewildered eyes.  “I know you can handle the world.  I love you…”  Aine cringed as the words left her mouth, regretting having said them; but unable to take them back.


His eyes hardened, and he opened his mouth to say something, but a studio hand hollered from the hallway.  “Mr. Sakuya, we need you backstage.”  Turning on his heel, he stalked out of the dressing room, leaving Aine behind.


Closing her eyes, Aine sank to the floor, her tears running unchecked.  He knows I’m lying to him, he can see the truth in my eyes.. Realizing she’d betrayed herself AND caused him more pain, she stood and ran from the studio.

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