Problems with the underlying software have led to major issues with the site. I've fixed the core of the problem, but it may take a few days to get everything working again. I'm dedicating all my spare time to getting this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

-Dejana, 1/20/2015

Update 1/29: The Library has been repaired.

Update 2/4: Well, it was repaired, but when I came to the site today to start work on the Gallery I found that it was mysteriously broken again. Broken when I hadn't even touched it, when it had been working fine only a few days before, when the site was in maintenance mode so nobody else could even log in.

I am forced to conclude that we are being targeted by persistent hackers.

I'm not an expert. I don't have the skills to defend us against repeated attacks, nor do I have the time to repair the site over and over again only to have it broken again within days. The sad fact is that it seems the days of .moon as an active community are over.

When this site first opened, I promised that I would never let it sit non-functional or take it down. All the writing and artwork that has been submitted to the site over the last decade is safe, and I will set up a means to access it again. But the site will, from that point, be static. I will provide a method of contacting me to have your materials removed if you so desire. Aside from that, the archive will stand as long as I have the means to pay the hosting bills.

Building, running, and participating in this community will always remain one of my fondest memories. I wish I could've done better for it and for everyone else who enjoyed it.


Update 2/11: I am in the process of building a new static site so the archive can remain online.

Update 2/20: The display pages of the archive have been repaired. All of the stories and artwork can now be accessed and viewed if you have the direct link. A rebuild of the index pages is in progress.

The community was founded in 2005. It is currently a static archive.
The current design and source code were created by Dejana Talis.
All works in the archive are copyrighted to their respective creators.