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Setting:Alternate Universe Genre:Angst
Style:General Rating:PG
Created:2005-10-28 Updated:2005-10-28

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Where other children find love in the eyes of their parents, I see only sadness and despair. Born of a queen and king who loved their daughter long before she was concieved, I live my life in the shadow of a child who never existed, who was destroyed by my creation. Nothing I could ever say or do could fill the void she has left in their hearts, yet I continue on, with one hope: Someday, they might love me as they loved Small Lady.

Author's Comments:

This is the darkest, most depressing thing I have ever written to date. I've seen a lot of stories where Usagi and Mamoru have a child who is not Chibi-Usa, but they always just go on living happily with no thought to the consequences. They loved Chibi-Usa. It's not that easy to replace a loved one, and I wrote this story to show that. Still, there is light at the end of this tunnel, no matter how dim.

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Review by Anonymous 2012-10-19

That's a crackerjack anwesr to an interesting question
Review by WingsOfSupernova 2011-07-08

This is why I go on fanfic sites. I go on to find stories that have depth, that have almost no loose ends if any, that manage to put three hundred thousand... (more)
Review by Anonymous 2010-03-28

An excellent story with a rock-solid premise, heartbreaking emotion, and a bittersweet ending. It was great and I loved it.

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