General Library: Last Embrace by Kihin Ranno

Rating:PG13 Created:2007-01-01
Genre:Romance Updated:2007-01-12
Style:General Status:Complete

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Their final meeting before the world comes crashing down.

Author's Comments:

Written for the Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. December Challenge - Day Eight: "The Only One" by Evanescence. Also submitted for my Venus/Kunzite claim at Fanfiction100.

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Review by Nina Rose 2012-12-17

This fic is one of the few out there that perfectly capture the mature tone that I always sense in the senshi. You did an amazing job at explaining the relationships the senshi had with Endymion's generals, the deep bond between Serenity and Endymion.
Review by Jessica Pendragon 2007-01-31

Holy crap I'm going to freaking cry.

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