Vignette Collection: like a diamond in the sky. by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2010-04-28 Modified:2010-04-28
Summary:The brightest star in the universe has a name.
like a diamond in the sky.

From every corner of the universe, they came.

The witches with hair of coal and fire. The soldiers clad in tarnished gold. The soldiers and the unfathomable creatures from the deep. Every one of them longing and wishing and wanting for something (but what?) looked towards the Milky Way.

And amongst a thousand stars, they saw one that outshone them all. Glittering silver: feathers and pearls. More than a glint, more than a sparkle. An unflickering, unyielding brightness that beckoned to them all and dragged them from the dark.

The light's name was Usagi: the star too bright too hold.

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