Vignette Collection: Prophecy by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2010-04-28 Modified:2010-04-28
Summary:A prophecy comes to pass... or does it?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, before the brightest star was born inside the cauldron, a prophecy was written.

There would be lovers who lived three times. Twice, their lives would end in tragedy and take a world with them. The third time, they would ascend to a forgotten throne, rebirth and rebuild civilization. They would raise the dead from perdition and purify them, granting them immortality and an untainted soul.

But the prophecy was wrong.

For when Serenity began the world anew, she would not cleanse their souls.

“They deserve a choice.”

And so began humanity’s greatest gift.

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